Sunday, January 17, 2010

Catching up!!!

I hope everyone had happy and wonderful holidays!!! Our first Christmas with the girls was of course awesome. We had such a great time with the girls on Christmas morning at home, and then with both sides of the family throughout the day!!!

We spend New Year's Eve and New Year's Day with Jen and her family. We had some fun. And the girls were awake at midnight to celebrate their first New Year's Day! They had gone to sleep at their normal time, but around quarter til 12 they woke up. They were not about to miss out on any of the fun and excitement!!!

The girls are doing wonderful. Growing like crazy. They will be 6 months old on Thursday. It blows my mind that a half year ago they were just so small. They are doing all that they should be doing, scooting, grabbing, holding their toys. They love the bouncy that Grammy and Papaw got them for Christmas. They also love their veggies!!

Because of the ear infections they had around Thanksgiving and having to postpone their 4 month well-check, we won't go for the 6 month well-check until the middle of February. I'm going to go crazy waiting to see how much they've grown over the past 2 months.

Things have been pretty good around here. Of course I loved being out for the two-week break with my girls. I actually cried at work the first day back, which is something I didn't do when I returned from maternity leave. Although I did cry every day for the week before I returned then. But I wasn't expecting it. I was sad of course to have to leave the girls and not get to be around them all day, but I didn't expect to cry. A couple co-workers asked me how I was doing and I just got choked up. I really do like my job, but I hate working, I would so much rather be home with Jozie and Kealie everyday all day! But I guess if I gotta work, it's a good thing that I like what I do all day.

The day I went back to work, I returned home with the girls to find our back door kicked in half. It was pretty crazy. The thieves got our xbox, wii, games, video camera and camera. I think they knew exactly what they were coming in for. Nothing had been gone through, and there were several other things sitting around that I can't believe they didn't touch. But it's ok, the thing that hurts the most is that the video of the girls first Christmas was still in the video camera. That's a memory that we'll never get back. Luckily I had downloaded all the pictures onto the computer already. So while they got the memory card, I still have all those pictures. So because of this we are in search of a new house to rent, as well as a big dog. Zander is a wonderful dog, he's just small. They had locked him in the bathroom. Poor baby. We've also reverted the girls back to our room for now. They are sleeping in the pack n' play. I can't keep them in their own room for right now. But we are all safe, and no one was home or hurt and we are very thankful for that.

Other than that things are great. I'm planning on throwing a little 1/2 birthday party for the girls Thursday evening. You know just with the girls and me and Josh. Just maybe get them a small little gift, lots of pictures and try a new fruit or something for dinner!!! Anyway, I'll share again when I have time! For now, here are some pics from over the holidays!! Hope you all have a great week and are getting to enjoy a long weekend due to the holiday.