Tuesday, March 31, 2009

A new award

Thanks Jess for my award!!!!
Jess is about 7 weeks away from delivery!!! Check out her blog!!

Here are the rules: List seven things that you love, and then list seven other bloggy friends to pass this award on to.

Here goes...

Seven Things I Love:

1) My Husband
2) Being Pregnant
4) My family
5) New and Old friends no matter how often I get to see them!
6) Sleeping in and napping
7) MY LIFE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Now to pass this award on...I'm only posting two bloggers today!!!

1) Antonia @
2) Jen @

Antonia is about a week away from having her baby!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Send her good thoughts and hopes that she can get some rest and sleep over the next few days

Jen is my big sister and best friend. They are in Gatlinburg, Tennessee for Spring Break right now. Check out her blog to see the AWESOME cabin they are staying at!

Almost half way there!!!

In about 4 days I will be halfway through my pregnancy. That blows my mind. It seems like yesterday I was getting the phone call from the doctors office about being 2-3 weeks pregnant. Time has flown by. And I know... People keep telling me just wait until the last couple of months, it will be the longest of your life. Well, I guess we will see when we get there.

I have just been thinking about how lucky I have been through this pregnancy. Not one day of morning sickness. My headaches have been relieved apparently from the iron pills. The heartburn that I experience is no worse than it was before I became pregnant. Maybe more frequent, but nothing I haven't dealt with before. It has just been such a smooth run from the second I found out up to now. So I know that I have been very fortunate and lucky, especially with twins!

I just can't wait for them to be here. Sure there are SO MANY things that have to get done, but it will all work it self out. I know things are going to change for Josh and I. But I am good with that, we are going to be parents in about 4 months (or sooner) and we are just so ready mentally. I have been ready for so long. This is my dream come true.

I guess I'm just reflecting about this time, as I have spent so many years imagining about how it would be when I finally got to this point in my life. Wondering if I ever would get here. And now it's all a reality, and it's the best feeling in the world!

Monday, March 30, 2009

Birthday Boy

Yesterday was my awesome, amazing most wonderful husband's 32nd birthday! Unfortunately he had to work during the day. It gave me time to shop though!!! When he got home from work he wanted to open his presents:

Him opening the very sweet card!!!

He got a couple of outfits for me. Too bad it was freezing yesterday and couldn't wear his new shorts to dinner...

Zander thinking that this one has to be for him!!!

Excited for the new Bond movie! He is a Bond head!

These are headphones for him to wear when he is playing XBOX online. He was just like a kid when he opened this. So EXCITING!!!!!

Poor Zander... Where was his? I told you he is a very spoiled dog!!

After the excitement of the presents we met his parents at Outback. It was delicious and a wonderful time! Besides the fact that I ate way to much. I think this is what causes baby to go into the ribs. Or it's just cause I have filled myself up way to much and there's just nowhere else to go besides pushing on the ribs. But it was worth it. It has been a long time since I ate a steak. And we really just enjoyed chatting and conversing with the parents. It's always fun to listen to old stories and learn more about my husband in his young days!!!

When we came home my brother Wes came over to help Josh move the washer and dryer out of the house because we are getting new ones today!!!! Thanks to Jen and Jim for their awesome gift!!!
After they got those moved out, we celebrated more with a Cookie Cake... Josh likes them, but I'm not sure if it is his favorite kind of cake or not, but it sure is mine!!!

Cutting the cookie, He actually cut out his name to save until later... What a dork!

Wes and Zander hanging out!

After the huge dinner and the cookie cake it looked as though Josh wouldn't last much longer...

When Wes left, he was ready to watch his new movie, James Bond Quantum of Solace. While I enjoyed the last one, and was determined to watch the movie with him, I think I only lasted about 20 minutes and then was out on the loveseat. This morning he said that it was pretty good, just different from the other Bond movies.
He also thanked me for a wonderful birthday, so that is always good to hear, as I am always worried it just won't be very good. He told me it was one of the best!!

But I have to thank him for everything he does for me. Mostly love me the way he does. I am one lucky lady to have found this man, fallen in love with him, and have him fall in love with me. I wouldn't know what to do without him in my life. We've been together for 6 years, and I know it sounds cliche... but everyday gets better and better with him. I feel like I am the luckiest person in the world.
So again. I love you baby, and Happy Birthday! You are my everything!!!

Sunday, March 29, 2009

My Boys Lost Today :(

My UofL Cardinals just lost. I'm not very happy right now. Very sad, actually! Oh well that's what happens I guess. Today is Josh's birthday, we are going to dinner with his parents later when he gets off from work. I will post again later with pics, hopefully, if I can find that darn battery charger!!

Saturday, March 28, 2009

Share a Smile... FRIENDS addition

Ok, so I think I may have mentioned my FRIENDS addiction before on here, and if you know me, you know I believe this is the best show ever! I have all ten seasons on DVD, and when I am awake watch it in Reruns at 11:30 and 12. The show never gets old, and is able to make me laugh whatever kind of mood I'm in.

On the Seasons, they have the bloopers and from time to time I will pull them out and just watch the bloopers because they are so funny. If you don't have the season's you may not have gotten a chance to enjoy them so here they are!!! They are a little lengthy but I wish they would just keep going and going.

Hope they make you smile!!!! and laugh a bit (or a lot too) :D

Friday, March 27, 2009


Spring Break Glitter Graphics

So it is finally Spring Break!!!! It's a good feeling to know that I do not have to go to work for 9 straight days, (actually 10, due to doc appointment)!!!!

I don't have too much planned... No traveling, no sight seeing, no beach :( But I'm really ok with it because there is lots to do here. Here is my list:
1.) Celebrate Josh's birthday (Which is Sunday)
2.) Taxes
3.) Clean
4.) Watch UofL basketball
5.) Clean
6.) Make important phone calls that can only be made during work hours that I never seem to be able to do at work
7.) Clean
8.) Go Couch shopping
9.) Sleep a lot
10.) Clean, Clean, Clean!!!!!!!!!!!

Ok, so maybe not to much to do, besides cleaning. But I feel really good about it. Everyone in my family is still going to have to work. Jen is going to Gatlinburg. Friends are going to Myrtle Beach.
So I will just be home for a week, and I have 9 full days ahead of me to get it done. I won't have to try and get it done all in one or two days. I can take my time and schedule out what I will do each day. Plus Josh and I went to Walmart last night and bought the cleaning supplies and bins to put all of our crap in, so we are off to a good start! Just having everything here will make it so much easier. I could start tonight, but I don't think that is going to happen. UofL plays in about an hour and a half, so I might go get a little bit of that sleeping in that I mentioned in my list!

I really am just excited to be off from work. those two crazy kids have been acting out again. One of them got suspended for bus and classroom behavior Thursday and Friday, but somehow he ended up being there Thursday and in class with me. When he showed up today I took him to the office and said I thought he was suspended. They told me to leave him there, and apparently they finally got someone to pick him up. Then the other one was doing his thing and I wrote a referral so I didn't see him the rest of the day today. We had a good day. Two of my kiddos have birthday's next week so we celebrated with a nacho party and cupcakes. So it was a good way to end the week.

Well I will probably be posting next week a bit more, since I will be home and I am addicted to my computer and this whole blogging thing!! Maybe I'll make a photo journal of what my house looks like now and after I get it cleaned up. Hope you all have a great weekend, and for those on vacation as well enjoy yourselves and relax. We all need and deserve it!!!

Monday, March 23, 2009

Your Body
At about 18 weeks, you might begin to feel a suspicious flutter in your belly. The professionals call it "quickening," we call it "baby's makin' waves!" Within the next few weeks, those tiny bubbly feelings will become more obvious. And soon enough they'll be unmistakably identifiable—especially when you (and anyone within 10 feet of you) can see tiny feet, elbows and knees moving across your belly.

So I had to post this section of my weekly update for one reason!!! As I read the "Your Body" section Saturday morning I was feeling kind of down. I hadn't felt any movement. Everyone keeps asking me if I've felt anything, and I always have to answer no, not yet. Which they say is normal for twins. The information I have read about twins says that it is normal to feel them moving around later than if you only had one. So while I wasn't worried about it, I was still anxious and just ready for that experience.

Today I had my lunch, went to the restroom and to pick up papers from the copy room. When I got back to my classroom to set everything down, there was a strange feeling. I didn't think anything of it at first. Honestly it was just like my stomach was rumbling and grumbling from the lunch. But when I have these feelings I normally have to use the restroom right away. I had no urge or need to use the restroom at this time.

Then it happened again!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And that's when it hit me that it was my babies moving around!!! It was the most awesome feeling in the world. I just wanted to sit there and wait for it to happen again, but as I was already a couple minutes late to get my kids I had to go on back to the cafeteria.

I have to admit that my day was wonderful after that. It was just to awesome of a feeling and to realize what was happening to let anything bother me after that. Just to make sure I wasn't making things up I went to the office after school and there were a couple of people there including the principal. I sat down next to her, and asked her if it felt like gas when they move around for the first time. She kind of looked at me a little strange, and then was like, "Oh, you are talking about them" and patted my stomach. She went on to say that she thought I was saying my students were giving me gas!! Hahahahaha, we all had a good laugh and then a good cheer for me FINALLY getting to feel that awesome sensation!!

I texted Josh when I left work and told him to call me when he got a chance. Of course he called me right away, and was like is everything ok, what's wrong? I told him, and he was just so happy. He said he was jealous and wishes he could feel them moving around! But I think he is going to talk to them in a bit and try and get them moving around again!

So another wonderful, wonderful, wonderful day!!! I have to admit the past couple of days have just been wonderful. I already wrote about Saturday. Yesterday I went to visit my best friends from college in Lexington. I just drove up and had lunch with them. It was such a nice visit. Then I came home just in time to watch UofL. While they stressed me out just a little bit, giving Siena the lead with like 8 minutes left, they ended up fighting back and winning. That means we are now in the Sweet Sixteen!!!!!!!!! Only 4 more games to go and we will be the National Champions!!! I feel it in my bones, that this is the CARDINALS year!!!

Have a great week everyone!!! Only 4 more days and then I'll be on Vacation. Nothing like being a teacher and getting to enjoy Spring Break!! It will be a great week to get things cleaned up and cleared out!

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Family Day!

So today has been a great day!!! I slept very well last night. It's only exciting because the night before I was awake on and off all night. It felt as though one of the babies were up in my ribs! and the other must have been lying on my bladder. I couldn't lay on either side when trying to sleep because my left rib was in excruitiating pain. And then I woke up like 3 times that night having to pee so bad!!! Regardless of the lack of sleep Friday was a pretty good day at work. Then Josh and I watched the UofL game (they won!!!) and waited for the phone call that we were aunt and uncle again. The call came around 8:30, and Mom-in-law said just to wait until tomorrow to come and see baby and SIL. So we just hung out here last night.

This morning I woke up around 9:00, feeling great!!! I got up and played around on the computer while Josh watched his cartoons and played some video games. Eventually I went and laid back down in the room to watch tv, and fell asleep again! I slept until about 12.

I then went to my parents to meet my sister to give her the money from her Fundraising she is doing for Team in Training! She was selling Yankee Candles, and I am very proud to say that I sold $476 worth in 3 days at work. All I can say is that I am amazed and awed at how awesome my co-workers are to support my sister!!! Things like this are what make you realize how awesome and generous people are and I am lucky enough to work with so many of them!!!

My mom and dad and Jen were all there when I got there. My mom left soon after to go help a friend of hers do some catering work. We hung out for a while and talked to dad, and then my brother came in as well. So we just talked a bit more and mom ended up coming back. We all decided to go have lunch! When we got back we stood outside and talked some more in the perfect weather we had here today! It was such a fund and good visit!!

When I got home Josh got ready and we headed to see our new neice!!! Baby Lois Virginia and Mom are doing great!! I have to mention how awesome big sisters are doing too! MIL and DIL are doing great as well. They looked a little tired, but I guess I would too, especially if I were dad taking care of a 6 and 3 year old for the past couple days by himself!!!! But everyone is in great spirits. And baby has the fullest head of dark brown hair. She is really beautiful!!! I did remember my camera, but when I got it out to take pics, the battery was dead. I was so upset!!! We visited with the fam for while before the parents in law and kiddos took off for home. We stayed a bit longer and visisted with Sis and baby!

So it has been an absolutely beautiful day all around. Beautiful weather and beautiful time spent with our families!! Tomorrow I'm going to visit my friends in Lexington for lunch!! I can't wait for that either. They are going to Myrtle Beach the next week for spring break. I had planned on going, but decided against it as I just don't think I could make the drive down there. If I had a travel machine and could just appear I would. But that's ok, I should get a whole lot accomplished that week off from work around the house.

So that means I've got 6 more days before 9 days off from work. And only 5 of those are work days!!!! So I'm excited for that and I'm excited for this weekend!!! Today was a great day and tomorrow will be another great one! Hope everyone is enjoying their weekend just as much!

Share A Smile Saturday

Ok, so last Sunday I was just watching stuff on YouTube... You know wasting time when I should have been getting something accomplished whether it be work for the week or cleaning the house. Anyway, I found this video and cracked up. I watched like 3 times and I think I left harder everytime. Then Josh got home and we watched it about 3 more times and were both cracking up. It is so funny. You may have seen it by now. I saw someone had posted it on Facebook during the week, but it is too good to let it get passed by!!!

Hope it brings a smile, and laugh, to your face!!!!

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

One more I promise...

I was just on facebook and found this and it's very funny if you are NOT a UK fan!!!!!

Because I'm bored again!!!!

My sister Jen,(check out her blog: ) acutally had this posted to hers because she was bored tonight as well. So i thought I would take the test. I am just a bit quicker than her!!! See how quick you are at typing by clicking on the link below!!!

66 words


Why do I take naps????

So I am sitting here wide awake at 11:03. I came home from work with all intention to take a short 15 to 20 minute nap and then get up and do the dishes, and make dinner for Josh. Instead I got home around 5:30, played around on the computer till about 6, then went and laid down. And didn't wake up til 7. Josh called shortly after to say he was on his way home and asked if I still wanted to make dinner. My reply... Just pick something up!!! So apparently he was craving Chinese food because he didn't even ask what I wanted, just showed up with a Bearno's pizza and some Chinese for him.

I had a great dinner, but am still really, really, really full!!!!

I'm just pretty bored here right now. Josh is of course playing his XBox, so I've been playing a game on the computer, but now am bored of that. So I decided to go ahead and blog.

Really not to much to blog about. Yesterday was a crazy busy day. Work was fine, but then I had to go get an affidavit to get a new title for my car so that we can junk it. I can't find the title, Don't know where it would be. I thought it was in my car with all the other important information but of course it wasn't. Then I searched through the desk like 3 times and it's not there. Josh even went through everything. So now we will have that car taking up space in our driveway for a couple more weeks...

After I went to the county clerk I headed to dinner, thinking josh could meet me, but he had to make a couple extra runs, so as I had other things to do and was starving I stopped by Fazoli's. It was very good, and the nicest guy was working there. he was cleaning the tables off and said, "So, you're pregnant right?" This is the first time a stranger has asked me, so I must really be starting to show now!!!!! I told him yes, and he went on to ask how far along I was. I told him 4 and 1/2 months, and he just got this look. He said, wow, it must be a big baby. I told him I was having twins and he was so excited. He was telling me how he had just watched a movie about twins and how amazing it was. I told him my husband and I were very excited and couldn't wait. He told me congrats again and went about his work. When I told Josh about it, he said, that's kind of strange, you should stay away from people like that. I told him he was just mean, that the guy was just nice. But now as I type the story, it does seem a little strange to me. Oh well, I enjoyed talking about being pregnant and someone that doesn't already know actually realizing that I am pregnant and not just fat!!!!

After I ate I went over to Kroger to pick up a gift for my best co-worker friend that had surgery and stood in line for like 45 minutes. Who knew that Kroger was so crowded on a Monday evening. And they even had lot's of lanes open just the lines were all so long. I eventually made it to the hospital, only to park probably the furthest away I could from the actual hospital part. But I parked in the garage so I was inside and safe the whole time. I visited for about 30 minutes and left her to get some rest. Then came home and watched some shows.

I was on the computer around 10:30 when my phone rang. I didn't recognize the number, so I of course didn't answer. This being because if it's important enough they will leave a message. Well there was a message left, and when I listened to it, it was my boss. Talk about freaking out. I was really scared that I had done something wrong, but who wouldn't be if there boss called them at 10:30. So i called back, and she asked if I was going to be at work today. When I told her yes, she said I thought you had a doctor's appointment, but I must just have been confused. She was just confused because I had asked her about being off for my next appointment that morning. Of course she was awesome and said yes, that I should take off all the appointments this being my first babies!!! Isn't that sweet!! She really is great... except when she calls me At 10:30 at night and freaks me out a bit!!!

All content leads and team leaders had a big meeting this year because the state has decided to change the testing procedures this year, like a month and a half before the test. Pretty crazy that they just wouldn't wait until next year, but I guess that's the state of Kentucky for you!!! Actually it kind of puts a little stress on me, because the writing portfolios are one of the things that we are not being held accountable for anymore by the state. We may still be accountable for them by the district, but in my bosses word, "I don't care about the district, the state is what matters!" Now this is not for certain, we're waiting for the Senator to pass the bill, but principal thinks there is no way he won't not sign it, so as a school we are just getting the portfolios done so that we have something!

Ok, well I guess I have shared enough with you. I told you all that I was bored and not tired at all and this is what happens. I just start writing and don't stop!!!! But I will now stop as I really need to at least get into bed and wind down a bit, or tomorrow will be not a good day!!!

Hope everyone had a wonderful St. Patrick's day!!! And have a great rest of the week! Tomorrow is already hump day!!!

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Cardinals are going all the way!!!!!!!!!!!

Louisville named overall No. 1 in the NCAA Tournament

Watch CBS Videos Online

If you watch this video, the best part is about 35 seconds in!!!! That's when we get announced as Number 1 overall!!!! Honestly I was and still am so excited. I did a little dance and screamed a little. I'm sure my neighbors now think I'm crazy!! As Josh pulled up from work, I was on the porch jumping up and down, screaming we are number 1!!! We haven't been a number 1 seed since 1983. Wow I was only 3 then!!!!!

I don't know if I have ever mentioned this before. Josh is a UofL fan, but a North Carolina fan first. If things work out the championship game could be our two teams against one another. The same thing happened in 2005. UofL made it to the final four, but lost, or they would have played UNC in the championship game. So hopefully we won't have to worry about that happening, hopefully UNC will go down before we get to that little dilemma!!

Well you know I will keep you updated as the tournament progresses!!!
Just thought I would throw in our local newspapers article that they had posted on line tonight!!!

Louisville named overall No. 1 in the NCAA Tournament
The Courier-Journal • March 15, 2009

The Cards will be playing in the Midwest Region in the Indianapolis bracket.

Pitt, UConn and North Carolina are the other No. 1 seeds.

The Cardinals will play their first game Friday in Dayton, Ohio against the winner of the play-in game between Morehead State and Alabama State.

"When you have a play-in game, you have a disadvantage in preparation because you don't know which team you'll play for two days of practice," Louisville coach Rick Pitino said this evening. "If we were to get by our first-round game, we'd be playing the Ohio State - Siena winner, and Ohio State is right in Dayton's back yard.

"Our fans will be close as well, and it's great they will only have to drive only two and a half hours."

If they win, they would play the winner of the Ohio State vs. Sienna game.

Also in the Midwest bracket are #2 Michigan State, #3 Kansas, #4 Wake Forest, #5 Utah and #6 West Virginia.

"I think the number one seed is a tremendous accomplishment for our basketball team," Pitino said. "I know our players are excited about it. We've sat here in other years when we were in Conference USA, thinking we deserved a number two or three seed when it didn't come to fruition, so this is very exciting for our team."

17 weeks and counting

I can't believe I have two babies growing inside me!!! It so amazing and exciting!!! I know I keep saying this, but I just can't wait for them to be here. Things are still going well. Headaches have seemed to not be as bad since I started on the iron pills doc gave me last week. So I'm knocking on wood that it continues this way!! I am experiencing more heartburn lately, but that's just one of the perks, right!!!!

Other good news, UofL won the Big East Championship last night!!!!!!!!!!! We'll find out tonight if they get a One Seed in the Tournament like they deserve. I am anticipating 6:00, so we can find out. Hey Jess, Maybe my Cardinals will be playing in your hometown in a couple of weeks!!!!

Yesterday we went for pizza and hung out at my parents house for a while to celebrate Owen's birthday. It was a nice day, remembering our precious angel!

Other than that, things have been pretty calm around here. Just hanging out today. I have some work to do for a meeting I have on one of my students to discuss his behavior tomorrow. I'm just hoping the parents show up and we actually can make them realize that something is wrong here and needs to be done. Then it will be watching Selection Sunday and Amazing Race!!

Have a great week, and I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend!!!

Friday, March 13, 2009

Happy Birthday Owen

Happy Birthday MySpace Graphics

Happy Birthday Graphics

Today we are celebrating my nephew's third birthday. He was born sleeping 3 years ago today.

Even though he is in heaven looking down upon us, he is also here with us in our hearts and all around us.

I love you Owen!! I miss you and think of you every day.

Dream of angels Pictures, Images and Photos

Friday Night

So I am just sitting here while Josh is playing his video game and decided to make some changes to my blog. I got a new template. Actually I have been trying to figure out how to do this forever, and finally did!!! Hope you enjoy the changes, I do!!

glitter graphics
Free Glitter Graphics, College Logos - L Glitter Graphics
Just an update on my boys, the UofL Cardinals: We won tonight against Villanova by 14 points, so that means we are playing tomorrow night for the Big East tournament Championship. Word is we should be getting a number one seed in the NCAA tournament, especially if we win tomorrow night!!! This is the year for us. I can feel it!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Oh and for those of you all who couldn't tell by now:
glitter graphics
Free Glitter Graphics, Basketball Glitter Graphics

Funny Conversation

So I went to the bedroom at like 8:30 last night. Josh was watching a movie and I knew it wouldn't be over when Grey's Anatomy came on. I watched the end of the Pittsburgh/West Virgina game, which West Virgina actually won. Pitt was number 2 seed in the Big East Tournament. So it was an upset. UofL (Number 1 seed) won earlier yesterday. And yes, I did manage to watch the game during work!! I received a call from the librarian about 10 minutes into the game telling me they had figured out how to get the game on and were feeding it to our rooms. So we watched the game and did math activities around that!!!

Anyway, I watched Grey's and then was pretty much out, at 10:00!!!!!!! It was a struggle to stay awake through the show, but I made it! Needless to say I DO NOT ever go to bed this early, and I really wanted to watch the UCONN game but I just couldn't do it! And I'm glad I didn't. Upon waking this morning (At 5:30 am) I checked the news to see the UCONN score. UCONN was seeded #3 in the Big East and played Syracuse. It went into 6 OVERTIMES. Crazy, they said the game was like 3 hours and 45 minutes. and UCONN lost. I would say that is great news for us as the teams to beat besides us were beaten, but it just goes to show how good all the teams in the conference are. UofL plays again tonight at 7.

Back to my original reason for posting this so early. A funny conversation I had with one of my students Monday.

Every morning we discuss the day and what we will do, if there are any changes, etc...
While I was going through the day's schedule a student raised his hand.
Here is the conversation:
"Yes V?"
"Are you getting old or something Mrs. M?"
"Why V? Why do you ask that?"
"Cause you have a lot of grey hair today!!!"

Ahh, yes thanks to my Granny Franny, I have many grey hair. My dad says he doesn't remember her not having grey hair. There's really just like two streaks that are grey in my hair, but it's right on the top of my head. I guess it's time to go get my hair dyed!!!! I let my friend know that it was needed badly, and she said we would figure out a time next week.

Anyway, I just thought that was a funny conversation. You never know what these kids are going to come up with!!!

Hope you had a good laugh this Friday morning! And yeah!!! It's ALREADY Friday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hope everyone has a great weekend

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Doc Appointment

My appointment wasn't until 10:30, so I slept in, until 8:30, which was really nice. Even though my alarm started going off about 7 this morning. Oh yeah, let me share a little story about my alarm this morning. I'm the type of person, that hits the sleep several times... ok, I really don't know how many times it goes off but the first alarm went off at 7 and I didn't get up until 8:30 if that tells you anything. Anyway, I use my cell phone cause I can set up to 5 alarms on that and I don't hear music on a radio alarm, and the beep from a regular alarm will put me to a bad mood all day.

Ok, anyway, While I doze back into that half sleep/half awake in between my alarms I find this is the time I have the most dreams. And today was no different. In between each of my alarms I was dreaming that I was outside looking at the beautiful spring flowers in full bloom, or in a field of beautiful flowers... but when my alarm started going off the flowers would sort of just wilt and die and everything would turn to a grey color... EVERY TIME!!!! My alarms were so depressing this morning. When I told Josh about it, he went into hysterical laughter, and was like YOU HATE THE MORNINGS DON'T YOU??? Well honey, it's been 6 years now, and if you don't realize that about me by now, where the heck have you been? Not that he doesn't know.. he waits until the last possible second to wake me up if it's needed and he stays at the bedroom door as there is a small possibility that I would get physical with him, or anyone else for that matter, for waking me up!!!

Ok, anyway sorry about that, I just found it very interesting the whole flower scenario this morning.

Back to my appointment:
For the first time I did not have to have any blood work done!! YEAH. But Josh did!!! I am o-negative and he and his mom seem to think he is o-positive, which makes the whole Rh factor an issue if that is the case. It's not a big deal, I will just have to get a shot a couple of times to keep my body from fighting off the babies.

Doc prescribed me some iron pills for my headaches. Actually Josh is the one that brought it up. I was putting this new batch of headaches off to the weather changing and sinuses, but Josh thought it would be best to discuss with him. Doc said I may be a bit anemic so if that is what the headaches are being caused from, then the pills should start working in about a week.

No Ultrasound today :( I was really hoping that we would get another one, so that we could find out the sexes, but no such luck. But we did hear both heartbeats. One was 140 bpm, and the other was 160 bpm. So everything there was great, and it's always so awesome to hear that noise!!! It's like a big sigh of relief to know they are doing so well!

I had a test for CMV done, as our family has experienced this before. It is just a stomach virus that "most" people get at some point in their life. It would be no different than any other stomach virus in children and adults, yet to unborn children it can be deadly. Once you have the virus you are immune. Being a teacher, and knowing what we know, I was tested last month. We got the results and while I am not infected, I am also not immune. So what can I do? Just stay clean. Doc recommended I just walk around with a bottle of sanitizer throughout the day using it as necessary, wash my hands as often as possible, and if a child is sick do not come in contact with him. So needless to say, my classroom will become a sanitation station for the remainder of the school year.

The other thing doc mentioned was my weight gain. He said he was surprised at how little I am gaining with having twins. And let me tell you not gaining weight is something I never thought I would hear anyone say to me... Well actually Josh and I have both mentioned it to one another. He told me the other day he needs to fatten me up. I told him this morning after I got weighed and had only gained 4 pounds (in 4 weeks) that doc would mention it. I told Doc I was eating, it was just little amounts many times throughout the day. This is because I get so hungry, but then I get so full after eating only a little. After I told him that he told me I was doing the right thing and that it was actually pretty normal not to be gaining a whole lot of weight at this point. Maybe he just wanted to see what my reaction was, or my explanation before he told me it wasn't a big deal. I'm still trying to figure that one out. He ended up saying that everything was good and that the weight will start catching up with me in the following months.

So another good appointment!!!! And my next appointment is actually scheduled with a "high-risk pregnancy" doctor, as all twin pregnancies are considered "high-risk." We will do an ultrasound at that appointment. Here's the issue I am having though.
My appointment is scheduled for April 6th at 12:30. This is the Monday AFTER spring break. And seeing how I have to be there at 12:30, there really is no reason for me to go to work that day having to leave at or before 12.
I don't mind taking the day from work and I have plenty of days, but with it being the Monday after spring break, I worry what my boss will say.
Not only that, but I am going to be out on that Tuesday the 7th for a training I have to do for work.
And then I have my appointment scheduled for my regular doc on Wednesday the 8th at 3:20, which isn't a big deal, I will just have to leave an hour early. But with being out two previous days and the week after spring break, I just don't know.
I tried to make the appointment for the week of spring break but they said I HAD to be at least 20 weeks.

Oh well, I will just have to talk with the boss, and explain the circumstances. She is pretty understanding when it comes to these things so hopefully it will be no different this time. And I can always come back with I never take off from work. Only when necessary. What can she really say? Not allow me to go? I don't think she can do that, can she?

Anyway, that's how my day has been, a good one. Enjoying the nice weather before it begins to storm tonight and then get cold again... :(

Hope everyone has a great night and a great rest of the week!

Sunday, March 8, 2009

4 months down, 4-5 months to go!!!!!!!!

Wow I can't even believe how quickly these past four months have gone. And to know that we only have 4-5 months to go until our precious babies are here. I can not wait. And every time I think or say 4-5 months I get a mix of excitement and that twinge of Oh my god!!!!! Josh and I are so ready for them mentally and emotionally, but physically is another story!! But I just keep telling myself, as do others that we will be ready!!!

I had a nice weekend. Friday I went to dinner with Jen. I had a great time. It was nice to just sit and talk and catch up. Thanks Jen for a nice Friday evening!!!! I love you!!!!

Saturday was a beautiful day and Josh had the day off. Of course our plans were to start cleaning up, yet once again it didn't happen. We seriously talked about it and had planned out what we were going to do. Then the discussion stopped and we both just kind of sat around. At one point I said, "It's just getting started that is so hard. Once we start, then we'll get it done." Josh agreed, so I think what I'm going to do is make a schedule for us to do a little each night, then it won't seem so overwhelming.

We went outside and sat on our porch for a while, then came in and watched the UofL game!!!!! It did not disappoint. Pittsburgh had beat UCONN earlier, so if we won we would be Big East Champions on our own. And we did it. It was a good game. Close the whole time, but they pulled it out!! So we were excited and celebrated with Dairy Queen Ice Cream afterwards! I got a banana shake and it was delicious.

Today I haven't done too much. I didn't wake up until 10:30, which is very odd for me to sleep that late. Then Josh reminded me that the time changed so it was really only like 9:30. I just hung out and watched tv most of the day today. Went to a late lunch to visit Shannon, and now back home getting ready to do my lesson plans.

All in all a good weekend!! We go to the doctor Tuesday so I will fill you in after that. Have a great week!!

Saturday, March 7, 2009

Share a Smile

So my sister leaves a funny video every Saturday on her blog called Share a Smile Saturday. I had several different funny videos that I was trying to decide on for this week, and post through the link Mister Linky's. Yet I suddenly had a thought to do something else in honor of the upcoming NCAA basketball tournament. So next week I will share one of the videos that I had planned on using.

So my pick for this week really isn't funny unless you LOVE NCAA basketball and HATE University of Kentucky. So I will give you a quick summary:
Rick Pitino was the head coach at UK from 1989-1997.
He was admired and did great things with the UK team, and then left in 97 to coach in the NBA.
In 2001, when he decided to come back to college basketball, he chose to coach at UofL!!! Now, I have to admit that there were mixed feelings from UofL fans, me included, as our Beloved Denny Crum seemed to be pushed out of his coaching job.
Anyway, our feelings didn't come close to the UK fans who called Pitino a traitor and are still very hurt by him coming to coach for the RIVAL school.
Needless to say Pitino has gained the love of UofL fans, and still is hated by UK fans.

Anyway in 1992, UK was playing against Duke in the NCAA tournament and Christian Laettner won the game with a last second shot.. Ok, I'll show that too:

Now 16 years later Laettner and Pitino have paired up to do a commercial for Vitamin water that will air during this years NCAA tournament.
Like I said it's probably not going to be very funny if you are not interested in basketball, but it's hilarious to me and other non UK fans because UK fans here in the state are outraged with Pitino once again, and have found their hatred for him all over again!!! They are really mad, and saying that Pitino is just a horrible person for doing this commercial, once again calling him a traitor.

HELLO UK FANS... It's been 16 years, GET OVER IT!!!!!!!!!

Anyway, here it is!!! Hope all you UofL fans that read my blog enjoy it!!!

BY THE WAY, I found out yesterday that a co-worker will be on America's Funniest Videos tomorrow night. It airs on ABC here at 7:00. All I know is that it has something to do with a fake rat or a fake snake. If you find the time, watch the show and see if you can figure out which one my co-worker is!! Her name is Tammy, in case the name is mentioned during the clip!!

UofL plays tonight against West Virgina. They are going for either full or partial Conference Champions. It's the last game of the regular season. There's lots of ways it could happen. If UofL wins tonight, and UCONN loses tonight we will be Champions on our own. But if UofL loses and PITT wins (against UCONN) then all three of these teams will be Co-Champions. Pretty interesting scenario, huh? I'll let you know what happens!!! Just in case you are curious!

Have a great weekend, I'm going to get Josh up to get out in the beautiful weather here. It's 70 degrees. HOW AWESOME IS THAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thursday, March 5, 2009

A spontaneous day off

So I am home at 10 in the morning. I decided yesterday around 2:30 that I was going to take a day for myself. I was just so tired and worn out. So, here I am. Sure I am getting a little caught up on that paper work that I was supposed to do Saturday, Of course I didn't finish it all. So I will finish today, since I have to since it's all do tomorrow.

Yeah, I still have the day off next Tuesday for the doctor's appointment. But it's just different to enjoy a day, by myself, relaxing and resting and taking it easy. I don't have to leave the house, and it may be a day where I stay in my pajamas all day!!!!

Everyone should do this for themselves once in a while. It took me about 5 and a half years to figure it out. This is the first day since I have been teaching that I have just taken off. I have always just said that it's not fair to my students, and some of them just don't deal with change very well. But in the past 4 months, I've realized that sometimes it's just what you have to do. You have to take care of yourself, and if that is sitting at home watchign tv and napping throughout the day, then I am going to do it.

So, if your feeling tired or stressed take a day. It's only 10:15 here and already I feel better than I have.

Have a great day!

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Nothing much happening this weekend. We went to the laundromat yesterday... It is good to have all of our clothes clean again. I am delaying the inevitable of grading papers, doing special ed. paper work and report cards. I need to go get started, but that's the hardest part. If I would just start then I could finish...

UofL is playing now. They are now ranked #6 and playing #8 Marquette. Let's go Cards. This win is especially needed as it will keep them second in the Big East, with only 2 games remaining in the regular season. I am very excited about the March Madness. Last time Steelers won the Superbowl, UofL made it to the Final Four, hopefully this year they can go one game longer and win it!! How awesome would that be for my babies to be born in the year that Steelers win the Superbowl and UofL won the College Championship. It would be awesome. Josh is a North Carolina fan.. That is who won the last time Steelers won. He is a UofL fan too, I think if it came down to it he would go for UofL... If he was smart he would anyway!!!!

So I was doing some calculations about my due date. As of right now my due date, 40 weeks is August 22nd. But my book says that 37 weeks is considered full term with twins, which would make my due date August 1st, the day after my 30th birthday. The book goes on to say that the average twin pregnancy lasts 35 & 1/2 weeks, which would be July 23rdish. That's crazy. That's like a whole month less than expected!!! Very exciting though, we just really have to get on the ball. And with Josh bringing up the fact that he thinks we just need to go ahead and move to a new house.... So much to do!!!!!! We'll see what happens. My next visit is the 10th, and I have taken the day off from work. Hopefully this will give us some time to get things together.

We are struggling with names. We can't seem to agree on anything. The issue with the boys name is that the first will have the same initials as him and his father, so we need a first name beginning with J. We agreed upon two names, and then decided they were too close to one of our nieces and a nephew's name. We have a couple in discussion, but it's really not going well, so if You have any suggestions for a J boy name, please feel free to send it to me. We need all the suggestions we can get!!!! As for girls, the same issue arises. I have had twin girl names picked out forever. You know for many years when you just think oh if I ever had twin girls this is what I would name them... But again another nieces name is just too close.... It's so hard!!!!!!! I know that we will eventually find/hear names that we fall in love with and agree on mutually.. Until then the conversations just seem to go around in circles.

I think it will also help when we know the actual sexes of our babies. Then we will know what to focus on. I don't know if I've mentioned it, but I started having a strong feeling about a week before we found out that it was twins that it was a boy. I still believe there is at least one boy, but I'm leaning towards two. Don't know why, I guess it's just that "mother's intuition" that they talk about. I just don't have any feelings that they are girls. But who knows. Hopefully we can find out on the 10th, even though it will still be early, 4 months/16 weeks.

Anyway, this was going to be a short, quick post, but as I am a rambler, I got carried away!!!!! And seriously, any J boy names that you can suggest would be greatly appreciated!!!!!!!

Have a great week!!!!