Wednesday, April 29, 2009


So today was the BIG day at work!!! Not only was it our derby parade to the nursing home and back (which I did not go on) but we also had a visit from Angel McCaughtry, who I have mentioned before played for the UofL women's basketball team and was the Number 1 Draft pick for the WNBA!!!!

Our whole school was very excited. We even got to wear UofL or red shirts today... I had to go with a red shirt, as all of my UofL shirts are just a bit snug at this time!!! Anyway, We began getting called to the gym/cafeteria at 11:30, as Angel was supposed to be there there at 12. She was only speaking for about 10 minutes, and then selected students from each class got to ask her a question...

So she was supposed to be there at 12... but didn't get there until 1!!!! So the whole school sat in the cafeteria for over an hour waiting for her chanting her name over and over... I have to say my kids did really great waiting. Even the few that have a hard time with loud noises after a long period of time didn't get to upset or fussy!!!

So she finally showed up, just after the boss was giving a speech to the kids about being leaders and showing responsibility... Kind of funny... Anyway here is a picture of her talking. I'm kind of mad cause all of the close ups I took with my camera came out really dark, I even changed the settings and flash settings several times but they all ended up dark...

Here is one of my students asking his question to Angel. He did such a good job!!! I could see him getting more and more nervous about having to stand up in front of everyone as the minutes passed by! But I am so proud of him!!!

After Angel left the parade started. Again, I wasn't about to go walking about a mile again and be in pain and have to walk back so I got some of the assistants of another class to go with my kids. One of my students didn't get his permission slip signed so we were in the room, when I looked out of my window and saw Angel playing with the preschool and headstart kids!!!

So J and I went out and we got a picture of her and J together. I've cropped out J so it's a picture of Angel, with the top of his head!

I also got her autograph for me!!!!

Then the parade came back... This is a teacher who is retiring this year. She was the grand marshall

And last, a shot of some of my kiddos from behind as they were getting ready to race!!!

It really was a good day!! Now I'm just waiting for Josh to get home so we can go get dinner!!! Tomorrow is our last day of school for the week. Again, gotta love working in Louisville during Derby week!!!! We are out Friday due to the Kentucky Oaks. This is another horse race, but all female, or fillies, run in this race. They have actually called for rain all week here, but today has turned out to be a BEAUTIFUL day!! I hope that this rain either comes and goes before Saturday or holds off until Sunday! My parents throw a Derby Party, and lots of fun, games and food is to be had!!!

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Feeling better...

So I am feeling better today than my last post. I just laid in bed all day Sunday as the doctors/nurses told me to do. And all I can is I really HOPE I do not have to go on bed rest for any long amount of time before these babies come. It WAS SO BORING... It's funny how when you are feeling good, and maybe just running and running that all you wish for is a day where you can do nothing but lie in bed. But then when you are made to do so it sucks!!! Maybe it would have been better if Josh were home but he ended up working a really long day for a Sunday. He had to leave at 8 and didn't get back until almost 9 that night. There was nothing good on t.v. during the day. Anyway. I got through it and lieing around I had no pain.

Then I decided to get up and sit at the computer when Josh came home to talk to him for a bit. I think I sat here for maybe 30 minutes and when I got up the pain was back. So I went back to bed and slept through the night.

On Monday morning I was feeling pretty good. Got ready for work, drove to work, made my copies. I was fine. Then... kids came and it was about 20 minutes before I was feeling horrible. I was in a lot of pain, so much that I texted my sister about 1 and asked her to go pick a pregnancy belt for me and bring it to me. We decided against her doing that since I didn't know if I would need to try it on and all that stuff. So by alternating standing and sitting in several minute intervals it helped me get through the rest of the day.

I headed to get our check for FINALLY junking that Focus!! She is now gone!!!! She was a good car, but I was tired of seeing her broken down and useless. (Sorry, random) Then I headed to the medical store to get my belt. I had looked them up online just to see what they were and how they helped, and all the reviews said it would be instant relief. I was quite intrigued and was very excited to see if it really was. And I can honestly say, there was immediate relief. Not complete relief, but I felt much better. So having trying it on, I didn't even take it off, and just paid for it and wore it out of the store. When I got home I did some more adjusting and it felt even better. Josh and I even made a trip to Walmart for some things I needed for my students and for the Derby party. I was not in a bit of pain the whole time we were there!!!

And today at work again, it worked really well. By the end of the day it was a little irritating and wasn't quite right, but it just needed to be readjusted. I'll just have to make sure I readjust tomorrow during my planning or something.

But I can happily say that I am feeling much better, and there is a way that I will get through the next 5 weeks. It's funny though how much bigger I look with this belt on cause it's lifting my stomach all up. People kept being like "Whoa, where did that belly come from today?" It was kind of funny. Anyway, like I was saying I only have 5 more weeks of work until the summer. If I can get through those five weeks I will be happy. I would just hate to lose time that I have saved up before they were born which would mean that I wouldn't have as much time with them when they are here.

So, next doc appointment is a week from today. That is 24 weeks, or 6 months!!! Can you believe it????

Saturday, April 25, 2009

A good morning, then an Evening Scare

So this morning started great. I had been pretty tired from the busy week I had and was feeling kind of sore Friday night but nothing that bothered or worried me. I went to Erika's house to visit her, baby K, A and her husband and hung out there for a little while. Wes, my brother was there as well, and I dropped him off at his house before I was heading home. I told him I would be out cheering for him during the mini-marathon this morning, unless I woke up and was feeling sore or anything.

Well, I woke up quite easily at 6:30 this morning... And I felt great!!! So I got ready, grabbed my camera and headed down to the end of the street to watch the runners. This marathon and mini-marathon are part of the Derby Festivals that I mentioned last Saturday. Anyway, I asked the traffic lady at the end of our street, which is probably about a 1/4th of a mile, if the runners did run down that certain street and she said yes. I sat down on the curb and waited for the runners to start coming by. About 10-15 minutes later, the traffic lady came and told me that they did not run down that particular street.

So I made the decision to walk down to the other entrance of the park where I knew that they would be running out of which was probably about 1/2 a mile away from the end of my street. Now I'm not sure about these distances, it could have been shorter and it could have been longer. But there was a very nice cool breeze blowing and the walk was very nice and easy. I made my way to the entrance of the park, found a shady place as it was getting a bit warmer. Ok, it was like 7:30 am and the weather was already like 70-75 degrees, but the breeze was still there. Here is a picture down a little bit from where I was standing. I'm pretty sure it was the starting line...

It was cool to be there watching all those runners. I like to think that if I weren't 5 and 1/2 months pregnant I would have been one of those runners (it doesn't matter that I've lived here my whole life and have never even thought about going to watch it, much less run it!!!!!!!) Anyway, I stood waiting, and watching all the runners and trying to find Wes, Jen, Chris and Kevin, but it was really hard to concentrate.

I don't know how I saw him, but just as I turned my head, I saw Wes passing me by, I did manage to get a good picture of him!

A little while later, I am just standing again, eyes going through the 100's of people passing me, and I see a hand in my face and hear a hey!! It was Chris, my brother in law. Sorry Chris I didn't get a picture of you. It really was hard to concentrate and look for several people at a time. I apparently missed Kevin all together. I never saw him...

Then a bit later, I again am searching through the tons of people, and here comes Jen... Waving at me!!!! Ha.. Ok so next year if I'm not running, I will make sure to know what everyone is wearing that day. It might make it a little easier to find them!!! Anyway here's the pic of Jen...

Jen took a short break and said hi and had her power gel, or whatever it was! So that was fun. I'm really glad I got up and was able to see them running. I am very proud of them all!!! Way to go you guys. You all did AWESOME!!!!

Then I headed home. Now I'm not for sure if it was because I had stopped for several minutes at the end of my street on the way to the race, or because it had warmed up and the breeze wasn't quite as strong, but the walk back home was not near as easy as it was there. By the time I got to my street, I was thinking to myself, I should really call Josh and see if he's left for work yet, or if he has time to drive up here and get me. But I chose just to walk. I made it home, and really still felt fine.

I drove to McDonald's for some breakfast, Hey it was 9:30, and I had just walked a about 2 miles so I deserved it, right?!?!?! Got on the computer for a while and played some games, checked the mail, etc... Josh came home about 11, he only had to go in for some kind of training this morning. He said he was going to get him some lunch and then call the junk yards to pick up the car. I told him I was going to take a nap. I was feeling pretty exhausted and my lower abdomen had a little pain.

So here's where it gets interesting...
I came in and went to sleep for an hour or two. When I got up, Josh said let's go to Lowe's, for a weed eater. I told him I wasn't feeling that great. The pain was actually worse than before I had laid down. I decided that I would go with him though, since I couldn't really help around the yard much, the least I could do was go shopping with him. Well, we got down to the end of the street and the tears came, and wouldn't stop. Just the thought of walking around made the pain come. No, it was only there when I was walking. I was fine when I was sitting and laying down.

Josh and I decided it was best if we just grabbed me some lunch and dropped me back off home. So that's what we did. Josh came in, made the bed all nice and comfy for me, and he was off to Lowe's. I ate my lunch, got on my laptop, and then fell asleep once again. I woke up when Josh got home, and laid there for a while. Then I went out to check how he was doing in with the yard work and sat on the porch for a few minutes. When I stood up to come back in the house, the pain was even worse this time. And it seemed as though it was now not only in my lower abdomen but also my lower back. I could hardly walk through the house to get back in bed. When Josh was done, we discussed it and decided it was best to go ahead and call Doc and let him know about the pain.

My doc called me back after I left the message (very quickly I might add)and I explained the pain I was in and how I could hardly walk. He said it was more than likely stretching of muscles and ligaments but to go ahead and go to the triage center to make sure. So we headed to the hospital. After no problems whatsoever throughout my pregnancy, it was our first scare. Yeah we were scared something was wrong, but I think Josh and I both did a good job staying calm and keeping our composure. Then they told Josh he had to wait in the waiting room and couldn't come back with me. He wasn't happy, and the look of worry really hit him at this time. I felt so bad for him, having to sit out there not knowing what was going on. At least I was able to know as soon as the nurse came in and hooked me up that I was NOT having contractions, and I got to hear the babies heart beats. They were both strong and healthy!!! And with the other check, the cervix was good and the babies were high, so my baby girls are doing great and there is no need to worry. Josh came in as the nurse left. I filled him in on what I knew and I could see the tension leave him, so that was nice to see as well.

So what to do about the pain and not being able to walk? After about a 1/2 hour of sitting there, the nurse came back in and said it was just the babies getting bigger and my muscles and such stretching. Her and my doctor agreed I would be fine to go home. I should stay in bed tomorrow and rest and get a pregnancy belt soon to help with the pain.

So that is what I plan on doing. I have my laptop in bed with me now. My school work next to the bed, and just about everything else I will need. I will be laying in my bed all day tomorrow, watching tv, getting the rest of the school work done and relaxing. And NO MORE LONG WALKS FOR ME!!!!!!!!!!! I've learned my lesson. So that means, that I will not be going on our school's Derby Parade Wednesday. Hopefully I can find some generous enough people to take my kids along with their classes. I know I will be able to.

I'm just going to take it easy this week. Go to work and come home, not stay as busy as I was this week... Although I had a lovely week: junked title, new baby niece, mom's birthday, dinner with friend, visiting new baby niece, cheering on brother and sister at their run. It was a good week, just exhausting and well all too much for me I guess. It's time to start taking it easy!!!

And that is exactly what I am going to do!!!

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

I am OBSESSED with Exclamation Marks!!!!!!

Ok, so this is just a random post. But I'm wondering if anyone else has ever noticed how often I use exclamation marks? I put them everywhere. It doesn't matter where, just as long as it's good news. And I can't just put one. There always has to be at least 3.

I was on facebook about a week ago when this obsession came as a realization. I was chatting with a couple of people, writing messages and posting wall notes, and I realized that everything I wrote ended with exclamation marks!!! Then today we had our office administration/secretary appreciation, and I was typing up short little notes for each of them, and when I went back and read them I had ended every sentence with several exclamation marks. Then I was signing agendas and writing a note to let a parent know how well the child did today and also ended that with like 5 exclamation marks. Got home and had a message on facebook from a high school friend who I have not seen or talked to in like 10 years and her message showed the same!

I don't know why I felt the need to write a post about this, it's just funny!! I guess I'm just a very happy person with lots of exciting news to share with all! I'm going to have to go read my old posts and see if I am as crazy with exclamation marks on here as I seem to be everywhere else!

Anyway one other thing that DOES NOT GET ANY EXCLAMATION MARKS. I woke up last night with the WORST charly horse cramp in my calf that I have ever had in my whole life. It was so painful. Usually I am able to stop them by flexing my foot, but not last night. The pain wouldn't stop. Then my foot would get tired, so I would relax it, and the pain would become even more excrutiating. I was almost in tears it hurt so bad. Josh woke up and tried to calm me down, but it hurt so bad, that all I could get out was charly horse. With this bit of information he began massaging my leg, but it was the wrong one. When he was finally able to figure out it was the wrong leg, he began massaging my thigh, which I let him know, in what I am sure was not very nice terms, that he needed to get off of me. I was finally able to get up and walk to the bathroom as I had to go really bad, and the cramping finally stopped. But my calf is VERY VERY SORE today. I've had many charly horses in my days, but nothing ever like this. And the worst part is, to wake up in that pain, oh it was horrible!!! (ok, couldn't make it without any)

Alright, as I said before this was just a random post, so I will stop blabbing. I am off to the hospital to see my mom and everyone else! Have a great night!


cute birthday comments

Happy Birthday Mom!!!!!! I hope you have a wonderful day today!!! What better gift could you get than your first granddaughter the day before!!!!!!

Here are some words I would like to leave you with these quotes, as they say it best:

All that I am or ever hope to be, I owe to my angel Mother. ~Abraham Lincoln

My mom is a neverending song in my heart of comfort, happiness, and being. I may sometimes forget the words but I always remember the tune. ~Graycie Harmon

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Exciting Day, Busy Week!!!

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My sister gave birth to a baby girl this morning!!! She is beautiful! I can't wait to get back to the hospital tomorrow to see her again!!! Baby and momma are doing great! She was born early this morning as I received a call from my mom before 9 this morning telling me she was here and everyone was doing great!!! So the day seemed to be a bit longer than normal (it was a pretty good one) but just waiting for it to be over, and the fact that our principal called a faculty meeting as a whole group instead of just with our teams as they have been for the past couple of months... I had already told my team I would be cutting out early to see baby K... Oh well, I got there and had plenty of time to sit and hold her and visit with sis and all that was there!!!

My week has already been very busy!! Sunday I worked on paper work and grades all day. But I am pretty much caught up.

Yesterday, Monday was just crazy!! The day of school went well, and then I was off to my parents house to get the title to my car that I needed to junk... Yeah I posted about how I had to get a copy of it because I had lost it, and my mom called and told me it was at there house. So that was much easier than having to wait for the copy to get here! I got the title and was off to the DMV or county clerk's office, where ever it was that I had to go. I got there about 6, and they close at 6:30, but... the ticket number that I got was 06, they were on number 55!!! So it seemed as though I would be there forever. Some how though when the clock hit 6:30, they were magically able to speed the process for everyone up and I was out by 7 with my junked title!!! Now just to get someone to come and get the car out of the driveway...

After I left there, I decided to go to the mall and get me some new clothes. I had bought a couple maternity outfits early on, but they were all long sleeved and I felt as though I was wearing the same thing over and over and over again. So I called Josh and he told me to come by and pick him up and he would come along. So I got some awesome new clothes, then we grabbed some dinner, then went to Walmart for some essentials (dog food, cat food, etc...). Anyway, I didn't enter my house until 11:00 at night. I was exhausted.

Today we made it home a little earlier. I was home by 10:15 tonight. Tomorrow will be back to hospital to visit baby K again and my mom! It's her birthday, so that's always fun and good times.

Thursday is dinner with Shannon!!! Then hopefully Friday I'll have the will to finish up that paper work so that I can enjoy the weekend. Saturday Jen, my brother Wes, brother in law and cousin in law are all running in the mini-marathon. As they run past the end of my street, I believe I will be getting up early and going to cheer them on as they run past.

Next week seems to be a bit calmer after work, but during work its going to be a crazy week. It's DERBY WEEK!!!! Wednesday and Thursday we have all kinds of fun activities planned to celebrate. Including a visit from Angel McCaughtry who was the star of the UofL women's basketball team and #1 WNBA draft pick. I'm really excited about this visit. It will be cool to listen to her and get to meet her!

Well, I am off to bed at a somewhat decent hour tonight. I hope everyone is having a wonderful week!!!!

By the way, I hope this makes sense, I was chatting with Tyler, my nephew, on facebook and he said I wasn't making any sense... I hope this makes a little bit of sense to you all!!!!

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Share a Smile: Louisville, KY edition

So today marks 2 weeks until the Kentucky Derby. As this is "the fastest 2 minutes in sports" and a very popular horse race said to be known not only country wide but world wide, our city LIVES it up!!!!

For the next two weeks, Louisville will have many festivities to celebrate the upcoming horse race! There's a hot air balloon race, Marathon, Parade, Steamboat Race, bed races, and SO MUCH MORE!!!!!!!!!

Today is the Opening of these festivities, with Thunder Over Louisville. There is an air show throughout the day, and pretty much anywhere you are in the city you hear "thunder" all through the day with jets and planes flying overhead. This evening the event is ended with a spectacular Firework Show. Used to be the biggest in the country, not sure if that still stands or not!

Anyway for this week's Share a Smile Saturday I thought I would post clips of previous Thunders:

One part of the air show:

Clip of the Firework show:

Those were just little pieces of what is in store for today in Louisville. It is going to be a beautiful day too!!! The are calling for 70-75 degree weather and the rain is supposed to hold off until after midnight, so I hope it does for the sake of everyone going downtown to watch the show!!

What will I be doing? WORK!!! The 5th of 6 grading periods is over (ONLY 1 MORE TO GO:)!!!) so it's a day of organizing grade book, getting data in order and filling out progress reports! Plus I really don't think I would be comfortable sitting and standing all day long outside. Not to mention the fact that I am using the restroom A LOT lately, and the news just had a little segment of where people use the restroom when they are down there. And the answer was 1 of the 525 port-a-potties that are set up! NO THANK YOU!! I'll stay in my house and use my clean toilet and catch the show on tv while getting work done! I am going to go out once the planes start and see if I can catch any flying over the house with my camera. If I do, I will post them later on!

Hope everyone has a great weekend!

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Dreams and a funny story

So I have two things to share with you tonight!!!

The first is about some dreams that I have had over the past couple of weeks.

The first dream was during the week of spring break. I didn't think much of it, besides the fact that it was just weird. I didn't even share it with anyone until last Sunday when my sister Erika mentioned somthing and it reminded me of the dream. So here it is...

It started with me in the hospital having my babies... which of course was very, very early because it was like real time, and so I was only 5 months. The crazy thing is instead of twins I had quads. There were four tiny, tiny babies. And the hospital let me bring them home. I thought this was very odd, since the 4 babies didn't have their eyes open and wouldn't eat. The doctors and nurses said they would be fine that in a couple of days they would start to open their eyes and begin to eat. Until then just be very careful with them and love them. Then next thing was we were at home and had people over visiting us and holding the tiny babies.

Then I woke up... Like I said just strange. And it was just so unrealistic even when I woke up that I never even mentioned the dream to Josh. When I was telling the family on Sunday about that dream, Erika made a comment that it was like they were kittens or something. And that was so true.

So this morning I wake up and am a little freaked out...

This time I'm in the hospital and I am further along, you know a healthy further along in the pregnancy. And I was delivering my babies once again. And AGAIN I deliver QUADS!!!!!! What is going on?

That is really all I can remember of this dream, but it was enough to freak me out and get up and tell Josh about it. Letting him know that I once again dreamed of having four babies instead of two. He just laughed and said, well... maybe there are two hiding behind the baby girls!!! I think he could just see the panic on my face when I was telling him because was pretty much laughing at me. Oh I really hope these dreams are not holding any truth or trying to tell me something... I am pretty settled on having twins at this point in the pregnacy :)

Now the funny story...

I came home from work this afternoon hung out on the computer for a while, ate some leftovers as I was starving and Josh had called to let me know he would probably be late tonight. He actually got home around 7 which wasn't too bad. By the time he got home though, I was just tired. He must have been able to tell, because he told me that I should lie down on the couch, put my feet up and take a little nap. I had no objections, as I knew Grey's Anatomy was a rerun and there was nothing else on that I was in the mood to watch tonight. So I laid down expecting to take a short nap at around 7:30 and did not wake up until 10:30. All was fine, I got up, Josh was playing his game. I made myself a glass of water and decided to check the email. As I was checking the email I went to erase some that I didn't need anymore and accidently checked the all delete button. In a panic to get some that I was saving I found the evite from Jen for a party that she is throwing on Friday (tomorrow) night. At this time my brain and myself begin to panic again with my brain telling me it is Friday night and that I should be at Jen's house RIGHT NOW!!! I grabbed my phone, noticed there was a missed call, and without even checking who it was from because I'm sure it was Jennifer, I called her house. She answers the phone, and here is the conversation...

Me: "I am so sorry"
Jen: "Why, What's wrong?"
Me: "I am supposed to be there... You're party. It's Friday.. I am so sorry"
Jen: "No it's not..."
Me: "What"
Jen: "It's Thursday Michelle"
Me: "Oh, oh yeah, that's right"
Jen: "Did you fall asleep?"
Me: "Yeah at like 7:30, and just woke up... That really sucks that it's only Thursday"
Jen: laughing "Yeah, now you have to go back to bed and go to work tomorrow..."

Ok, so I have to admit now it is funny. Besides the fact that it really is only Thursday and I really do have to go to work tomorrow morning and now being 11 and having slept for 3 hours, just don't know if I am going to be able to go back to sleep anytime soon. Weird how my brain played that funny trick on me when I saw that email because as I was getting my water I even thought about it being Thursday... But that email just hit something and I was sure it was Friday until Jennifer told me otherwise!

So there are my crazy dreams and the funny story. Hope it was as entertaining to you all as it has been to me. Although I hope you all find a little more humor in them than I have at the time that they have happened... And just a quick question... Is this what I am going to be going through for the next several months?

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Our decision is FINAL!!!!

So our decision has been made!!! It's funny to think of how much planning names goes into it all!!! First there was choosing just one name, and then we found out there would be two!!! I was so positive that they were boys that when Josh and I did discuss names, it always centered around boy names! We had not really had a big discussion about girl names at all. Of course I had a few that I've liked forever and would throw out "just in case!!!" So when we realized that we would be naming two girls, it was time to get to business about discussing what we both liked.

It honestly didn't take as long and it wasn't very stressful at all. And I couldn't be in love with our babies names more!!! I love everything about them! And so without putting it off any longer, I would like to give you the names that we have chosen for our first born baby girls!!!!!!

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Glitter Word Generator

Are they not the most precious names ever!!! I think so anyway!!!

Just a background on where we got the names:
19 years ago, my aunt and uncle had a baby girl and gave her the middle name Keely. From the time I heard that I said that it would be the name of a daughter of mine!!! Of course, we have changed the spelling, but it will be pronounced the same way. I had several other names that I liked as well, and as Josh and I began the discussion that always ended up coming out of my mouth. We had several other names picked out that we really liked. This past weekend, I told Josh to sleep on it, but that I really loved the name and had for 19 years, and I think I would always feel like sad if we didn't give this to one of our daughters!! The next morning he said that the name would be Kealie!!!
The middle name was a much easier choice. Jean is my mom's middle name, and I have always known that I would use Jean for the middle name as well!!! I don't care how much my mom doesn't like it, I love it and it brings a very special meaning!!!!

As for Jozie, it was not one that Josh or I had thought of. One day last week I left work and checked my phone and had 15 missed text messages!!! Jen had sent me lists and lists of names. Jozie was sent by itself so it stood out. When Josh got home from work, I gave him my phone and told him to read the texts. He said, I really like Jozie!!! I agreed and therefore it was settled. It was the first name we had both agreed on at first thought! We actually picked this name before the final decision was made for the second!
The middle name again was predetermined. Reed is Josh's mom's maiden name. I really think it sounds beautiful and again a very special meaning!!

So there you go!! How do you like them? I am so excited to share the names with everyone! And I am even more excited that I can call my girls by names. We will be waiting until they are born to see which is Kealie and which is Jozie, but as I mentioned before... These are FINAL!!!!!!!!!!!!

Monday, April 13, 2009

37 days left...

So I don't have much to write. But one thing I am happy to say is that there is only 37 more days of work left!!!!!! WOO HOO!! Doesn't sound too bad. And there's lots going on in those 37 days: We have the 1st of May off due to the Kentucky Derby being the next day. Yeah, it's one of the perks of living in Louisville!!!

Then there are two weeks of testing, then it will just be two weeks to get things cleaned up, lots of field days and other activities and ready to go for next year.

So honestly if I can make it through April, I'm good to go!!!

I don't know why I felt it necessary to count it up today, it was actually a really good Monday! But I'm just about done. It happens every year, it's nothing new. These last two months are probably the hardest. And the thing is, we have those extra 2 weeks that we have to make up, but I'm trying not to think about how if we hadn't missed those days that we would be done in about 27 days!! I just keep telling myself how nice the random weeks off were.

I really don't know how much of a summer I really will have though. I will probably be at school quite a bit setting up plans and getting lessons together for the time I will be out with my baby girls. But it will be well worth it just to get it all done and not have to worry about it once I do it! It would probably be smart to start all that planning now, but I guess I need to be caught up on everything else for this year before I start planning for next year!! :)

I did have my last IEP this afternoon for the school year. That's always exciting to know that that is one thing I can cross off my list. And Friday is the end of the 5th grading period, so we can officially say that we are 5/6 of the way done with the school year.

I'm pretty exhausted. It's funny because I feel like I haven't stopped since spring break started. I did get some extra sleep in that week but I also got a lot of other stuff done as well. And then last week Josh and I went every day after work last week with something we had to do or even if it was just getting out for a dinner with friends. Then this weekend, while it was wonderful to be around family both days, we again did not stop.

Saturday we went to Josh's family farm for his dad's birthday and to celebrate Easter and from there we went straight to my sisters for a poker tournament. I ended up staying out there that night cause Josh had to leave to make a call for work. Then Sunday we went to my parents and had a lovely Easter day with dinner and fun Wii Games! When we got home I had to get my taxes done because yes, I had still not done those things! But I got them done. And this week doesn't seem like it will be letting up any. We had an appointment right after work today, then I came home and straightened up the kitchen and living room. (It's still looking very nice by the way!!) Tomorrow is late day at school, and then Wednesday or Thursday I have to go get a new title for my car so we can get this thing junked and out of the driveway. Josh tried to do it for me today, but couldn't cause they needed me there.... So aggravating!!!

But again, I only have 37 days of work left for quite a while!!!!!!!! So I'm gonna keep telling myself that, and only a few more months and my babies will be here!!!

Oh by the way... We have chosen our names, I'm gonna save that for next post though!! Is that mean?

Have a great week!!!!

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Happy Easter!!

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Easter MySpace Comments

I hope everyone has a wonderful and beautiful Easter day!

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Work and Doc's

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I just found this quote at They have the cutest comments and glitter. Check it out if you have time!!!

Anyway, today was great day!!!

It was another early start as we had to go pick up Josh's rental at 7:30... Just imagine going from getting up between 9 and 11 for a week to having to get up at 6 or 6:30 for 3 straight days!!!! Today was better as I fell asleep at like 9:30 last night watching Women's Basketball Championship game. UofL played but they lost. It's ok though, they were in the "ship" for the first time ever and UCONN was just a better team. I didn't see the second half. I fell asleep at halftime and then woke up about 11 when Josh got home from making two runs for work. I woke up starving which was funny because we had gone to Tumbleweed and I ate a lot. Anyway I had a piece of his pie and then went back to bed. So I got the much needed sleep. I got to work about 8 to show off the ultrasounds. I would share them here, but two are just of their "girly parts." We also got a profile of Miss B's face and I believe Miss A's feet as Miss A was being very difficult and would not let US tech get a pic of her face!!!! When I get those two scanned I will post them!

Back to work went well. Most of the boys seemed happy to see me, and MOST of them did great for the subs they had Monday and Tuesday. Then at 2:50 I had to leave to go see Doc. We heard the heartbeats, and they are still doing great. Doc said my weight gain has improved since last month and everything else looks great. Josh's blood type is O positive and as mine is O negative looks like I will be getting at shot at 28 weeks. Whatever is needed to keep my precious girls and me healthy is fine with me! My BP and everything else is looking great too.

So, until next month... when I will be doing the blood sugar test! and having another ultrasound to make sure babies are still staying around the same weight and measurements. It was up to me to choose if I wanted to continue to go to the High-risk Doctor or just see my regular doctor. I chose just to see Doc. First of all that would be two days in one week every month that I would be late to work or leaving work early. Second, as long as they continue to grow well and look healthy it's not really necessary and Doc's office can do all those measurements there.

I asked him about classes, and he said it was up to me. Just to give the hospital a call and see what kind of classes they were offering and choose what I was interested in. So I will have to give them a call or look online and see what they have.

I also asked him about my due date. He told me we were just going to leave it the same at August 22nd, because a week's difference isn't enought to make a change. He then said I just had two big healthy babies. I also asked how much earlier he expected me to go than that, and he said it just depends. If the growth continues of course I will have to go earlier, but with twins he says he aims for 37 to 38 weeks as the percentage of chance of going to the NICU before then is pretty high. He said at 35 weeks there is a 50 percent chance, 36 weeks a 33% chance, and then if you make it to 37 weeks the chance falls to 10% and stays there. So that's what we are going to be hoping for to make it to 37 weeks! He also added that it is very common to deliver before 37 weeks with twins but that many of them are ok.

Last month Doc seemed to be really on the C-Section wagon, but this week, without me even discussing it he said that the only way we would do that is if both were not in the correct position. He did stress that both had to be though. If one were breech then we would have to have C-section.

He also gave me some of his recommendations for pediatricians and told me it would probably be a good idea to start thinking about, discussing and talking with several different doctors. I think I will get recommendations from my sisters and others as well.

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So all continues to be great news!!! Let's hope that it continues!


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Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Welcome Pregnancy Brain!!!!!

So today I had a writing session instead of being at school. It's crazy not to have been back yet from spring break. I'm wondering if my boys are missing me yet. We'll find out tomorrow!!!!

Anyway, we put Josh's car in the shop yesterday to have it fixed from where someone had hit him a while back. So my morning was even earlier than a usual day as I had to get Josh to work by 8:00 this morning to get myself to my meeting by 8:30. The day wasn't too bad, kind of long and drawn out and at about 1:30 I was doing everything I could to keep my eyes open. It was just a lot of discussion that she was giving us an hour to do with the people at our table and my table was finishing up pretty quickly. One of the people at my table was my 4th grade teacher!!! I have seen her at some of the other meetings we have had, but not really gotten a chance to talk with her. So it was fun to talk with her and see how she and her family were doing. I went to a catholic grade school and my mom babysat her son, so we know each other's families pretty well. So that was really cool to get to work with her as a colleague and not see her so much as my 4th grade teacher!!! They ordered lunch sandwiches from a deli. This is fine, but why do these places assume everyone likes everything on their sandwiches. Every single type they had had either mustard or mayonnaise or some other kind of sauce on it. I did my best to wipe the mayonnaise off but it just wasn't very good. plus the bread was all special and the turkey sandwich was on Whole Wheat walnut bread. So after picking out the walnuts, taking off the lettuce, tomatos, bacon, and wiping the mayonnaise off the turkey and cheese as best I could, there wasn't much of a sandwich left (Have I ever mentioned how picky I was????) We had chips and a cookie to go with it, but honestly it just wasn't enough.

Anyway, I made it through snacking on chek Mix and chocolate they had provided for us as well. We were supposed to get out at 3:30, but the lady decided to read us a picture book that lasted until about 20 to 4. As soon as she dismissed us I got my coat on and got out of there. Like I said, I was very sleepy and hungry.

I got about a mile away from my house and decided I would stop for a little bite of something to hold me over until Josh got home. That is when I realized I didn't have my purse. I then realized that in my rush to get out of there I had not gotten it from the back of my chair. So I make the next turn to get onto the expressway. And what do I do... get on the wrong way!!!!!!! Sheesh... I just wanted to get something to eat and get home. Oh well, I finally made it back to the meeting site, and there sat my purse right where I had left it.

So now I am finally home and thinking about a nap. But I also have to go pick Josh up whenever he calls and I don't want to fall asleep and not hear my phone. SO I'm just going to go lie down on the couch and watch some tv and hope I don't fall to asleep to where I won't hear my phone!!!

That's all that's going on around here. Tomorrow I return to work. It will be good to see my boys again.

Oh yeah, please say a quick prayer for my Blogger friend Antonia!! She went in this morning to have a baby boy!!!!!

Monday, April 6, 2009

And the sexes are....

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So there it is!!! We are having two girls!!! I'm not sure if I had mentioned this on my blog before, but I was about 95% sure that we were having 2 boys. I was so sure the week before we went in for 3 month checkup that it was a boy, then we found out it was twins at that checkup. I was FOR SURE we were having at least one boy, so you can only guess my surprise when the US tech said two girls!!! But it was a good surprise. Josh and I are both extremely happy!!

Now we can start planning out how we will decorate and thinking about and deciding on names.

The appointment was GREAT!! Both babies have strong heartbeats. Kidneys, stomach and brain are all developing on target and look healthy. Fluids are good. And both babies weighed in at about 13 ounces!!! So both the US tech and doctor I saw today said I am probably a week further along then we had expected! The girls were being stubborn though. Every time she tried to get a look at their face, they would flip over!!! Ahhh, already stubborn like daddy!!! He would probably say like their mother!! Our families would probably say like both of us!!!

We are so happy to get the news we got today!! We couldn't be happier that we have 2 healthy baby girls on their way.

Here is a picture of my 20-21 week stomach. Wow!! It looks even bigger in the picture than I thought it was!!!

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Half way there!!!!!

So we reached the half way mark yesterday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm so excited!!!

Very tired today. I think I overdid the cleaning the past two days. Josh was off yesterday so we got our bedroom cleaned up and the bathroom. I have to give Awesome props to Josh cause he did the bathroom pretty much on his own. It looks great!!

Jen and Tyler came over around 7:30 last night, and we just hung out for a bit. Jen and I looked at my wedding pics while the boys of course played video games!!!! Then we went and had dinner at Chili's. It was really good.

As much as I'd like to say that today I am going to get the living room cleaned, I don't know if I can make myself do it. Plus I have to do my lesson plans for the upcoming week, as well as sub plans for Monday and Tuesday and like I said I'm incredibly tired.

Josh woke me up this morning at 9 and had gotten breakfast for me. I apparently didn't hear him because he woke me up again at 10:00 and asked if I wanted it. I got up and started crying?!?!?!?!? What's up with that? I have no idea what I was crying about. I just couldn't help it! Is this the whole hormonal thing they talk about? I'm a cryer that's for sure, but never for no reason. It was just weird and I'm still kind of wondering what it was all about. Let me know if I'm crazy or if this is normal.. PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!

It's now noon and I feel like I'm going to fall asleep in this chair, so I think I'm going to go lay down for a while longer and see if I can get out of this funk that I have been in this morning. I will update later, for sure tomorrow... It's doctor time!!! We go to the high-risk specialist tomorrow, and I'm praying everything is good and well and that we find out sexes!!!

Hope everyone has a great Sunday!!!

Friday, April 3, 2009

This is what you get...

when you marry someone who hates cleaning as much as you do (or maybe more)!!!!

I have to say that I am quite embarrassed to show everyone the "before" pictures, but I am more proud to show the "after" pictures of our kitchen that I spent today cleaning, and I mean cleaning. Scrubbing walls, scrubbing the floor. It wasn't fun, but I feel very accomplished and HOPEFULLY I can keep it as clean as it is now!!!

Here are the "before" shots:

This is a shot of the kitchen from the living room entrance.. disgusting isn't it!

The sink and stove full of dishes... Just how many dishes you ask?

Our cabinets were completely empty... That's how many!!!

The desk full of crap that we had no where else to put, and it became the "catch all" for anything and everything!

And now for the "after" pics!!!!!!!!!!

From the living room entrance... Quite a difference isn't it?!?!

Why yes we do have dishes, and quite a few, see how full the cabinets get? You can only imagine having to do all those dishes!!!

We really do have a sink, a small counter and a stove!!!!

A shot from the laundry room entrance. The bad thing about the kitchen is that there is NO counter space, so appliances end up making a home on the table. But hey at least you can tell there is a table now!

Here's one of the laundry room with the new washer and dryer!!! It is a very small room, so I couldn't get that great of a picture. But you can see I decided to use that desk to put the cats food on rather than what we had been using! It really worked out well!!!

And so that is what I have been working on all day!! Like I said, I am very proud of myself!!! Now I am going to take a short nap and relax for a bit before I begin the...


It's really not as bad as it looks. Most of the stuff sitting around was moved in there from the kitchen so it's just the going through and organizing. Then dusting and all that stuff. It should not take long. Hopefully I can get it done before Josh gets home (he's working late tonight) and REALLY surprise him!!!!!!