Sunday, June 28, 2009

Baby Update

Josh and I went to see doc Friday for our regular appointment. Things are still looking great at 32 weeks. Just had a check of the heartbeats and questions answered. Babies are wonderful with heartbeats right where they should be. I am a bit anemic, but doc said he's not to worried since I am already on the iron pills as well as taking my vitamins. My mom told me to eat more vegetables!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I had had 2 very minor and short back spasms last weekend one after we got to Indy and the other when we got home. I pretty much put it off to sitting in the car for 2 hours each way, but Josh thought it would be good to mention it to doc. Doc said well, you are carrying around a lot of extra weight, and look how big that belly is, so he said it was normal. He also said the swelling of my ankles was nothing to worry about as it is normal due to the weight gain. And to just get up and walk around after sitting for a while, and vice versa. I gained 3 pounds from the last visit which was 3 weeks ago, so I did really well, and right on target for weight gain at this time of the pregnancy. Kealie and Jozie both seem to still be in the head down position so that means we will just be playing it from appointment to appointment if we will have to go ahead with the c-section or get to try to deliver them vaginally. We will keep the c-section scheduled for the 11th of August, so I am pretty much assuming that they will be here on that day if not before! It's getting closer and closer!!!...

Mom, Erika and me went shopping yesterday, and my mom was awesome. We got a lot of stuff still needed for the girls! It was a nice day out with them, and I enjoyed myself very much!!! I had a great time, and just want to tell my mom thanks again!!!

Then I got home, Josh and I had dinner. Well, then things kind of went from a really great day to a pregnant woman having a breakdown that I couldn't keep from coming to couldn't stop for anything!!! I know it's just one of those things that happen but man, it wasn't fun... Here's how it went:

First of all, when our heater went out this winter, our landlords replaced the heater and let us know that since they had to get a whole new heating system that they were going to go ahead and get Central Air while they were at it... Well this was so exciting, as we have window units and on very hot days, the one in the living room is just not strong enough to cool down that room. And with me going to be very pregnant during the summer months I was just happy to hear about it! So after putting in the new heater, bringing the CA piece that goes outside, the landlord says that they will hook up that part sometime in the spring or early summer. Well needless to say at this point, we still have no Central Air!!!!!! It is ridiculously hot in our house, besides the bedroom. And well, who wants to sit lay in bed all day, especially when there are good movies on the movie channels and we don't get those in the bedroom.

Josh and I had discussed moving the window unit that was in the kitchen into the living room since we don't use the one in the kitchen and so that we can take the one in living room and put it in the girls room. It should be able to cool off the smaller room a bit better, at least get air circulating around.

With Josh getting off rather early, he was home by the time I got home from my parents yesterday which was around 6, I figured he could go ahead and move them around. So I mention this to him while we are sitting in the bedroom and he says ok, and then falls asleep!!!! When he wakes up I figure he will go ahead and do it, but instead after we eat, he ends up watching the movie Horton Hears a Who... We watch it in the living room, and I got through it only with the fan about 6 inches from my face, since that is the only way to feel the air blowing around.

After the movie was over, I let Josh know I can't deal with the heat anymore and that I am going to go in the bedroom. He decides to follow me and begin watching another movie in the room. Well as I lay there I realize that I am just not cooling off and the bedroom is rather warm, even with the AC and ceiling fan running. At which point comes the break down. I kept it quiet. Just cried. Josh rubbed my back and continued watching the movie. I guess it was after about 5 minutes and he realized my tears weren't going to dry up anytime soon that he turned the tv off and asked what was going on.

I told him first of all I was hot, still sweating and tired of it. He checked the unit, and yes it had frozen over from the constant running. So he turned the ceiling fan up higher and kept the unit running and it helped a bit, but didn't help the melt-down. This is about the time, that I let it all out... All of the stuff we need to do around the house and how we are running out of time QUICKLY!!! The room still has to be finished painting, and after looking at it last night, the walls are going to need a second coat... As I continue to get bigger the house becomes small because of the baby things that we are receiving and getting and have no where else to put them right now except the living room and kitchen until the room is done. As of right now we have a crib and dresser sitting in the kitchen in their boxes. 2 car seats, a stroller, a baby bath, diaper genie and many many bags of baby items sitting in the living room. And our bedroom has clothes and dressers full of clothes that we have to go through to make room for the pack-n-play where the babies will sleep in the beginning... With all this stuff lieing around it's very hard for me to squeeze from the living room to the kitchen and squeeze through there when I need to get through.

Here is the issue I have... Josh works alot, I mean a whole lot, most of the days he is working 10-12 hours, and even on his days off he normally has to go out on several calls. And TRUST ME... I know how he feels when he does get a day off, he just wants to relax, sit around and watch tv. And that is fine, except for the things we need to get done I cannot do by myself. I think that is part of the problem... Not being able to do it myself. I never thought of myself as a "controlling person" (for lack of a better way to put it right now) and have to do things myself, but the longer I have been pregnant, I think I might be. And maybe it's because I am here all day by myself with nothing else to do and so much to get done.

Well, as I continued my break-down, and told Josh how I was feeling, and apologized over and over to him cause I know how he feels, Josh was the most awesome and amazing man, the one I that I fell in love with and know is there. He never once got mad at what I was saying and only reassured me that everything was going to be ok, even letting me know that everything will be done by the end of this week, and no matter what he has to do, or how he feels, he will work throughout the week to make sure it gets done. He even sat down and made a schedule of what he would get done each day this week when he got home from work. He then told me to type it up today and make it official!!! He then got up and switched the AC window unit out of the living room and moved the one from the kitchen to the living room and put up a sheet to block off the kitchen so that the unit wouldn't be trying to cool off such a big space.

So this morning, I am sitting in a nice cool living room, while the bedroom unit defrosts and am enjoying my Sunday morning. With a huge hope that things will be done throughout the week, and I will be able to accomplish the regular cleaning and tidying up easily instead of having to squeeze through small spaces throughout my house, or just not doing it at all!!! At this point in the day I am very hopeful and believe Josh now "gets" it, even if it take a "BREAK-DOWN" to get my thoughts and feelings across to him!!!

Thursday, June 25, 2009

A quick post...

as a tribute to Michael Jackson. I had heard earlier that he was found not breathing in his house, and when Josh got home he told me he had died. It is very sad. I love his music. Everything from Jackson-5 to all the hits since then. I actually even broke my arm when I was 5 dancing to his Thriller Record on top of a sit-n-spin when I was in all actuality supposed to be cleaning the room!!!! How can you not dance to Michael!!!!!

Another reason for the quick post:

Congrats to the two University of Louisville Players who were in the NBA Draft tonight!!!!
Terrence Williams, or T-Will, was chosen 11th to play for the New Jersey Nets!!!

Earl Clark, or E-5, was chosen 14th to play for the Phoenix Suns!!!!

Congratulations boys! You will be missed, but I look forward to hearing about your NBA days!!!!!

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Our First Wedding Anniversary

Today is my first wedding anniversary!!! I can't believe that a year ago today I was getting married. Actually at this time, we were probably getting our things together after the reception heading to the hotel...It was such a wonderful day and the best day of my life so far...

So since Josh had to work today, but was off on Friday and Saturday, he surprised me with a trip to Indianapolis!!! We had some errands and things to get done Friday morning/afternoon so we headed off towards Indy around 5. Here are some of the pics from our awesome First Anniversary Celebration!!!!

Our "view" of Downtown Indianapolis from our Hotel Room

The hotel room:

The other side of the hotel room, and me taking a quick rest before dinner:

Hard Rock Cafe, where we had dinner: it stormed the whole time we were eating, but let up enough for us to walk back to our hotel, then started storming again!!!

The Indiana War Memorial right outside of our Hotel:

Josh and me posing for a picture!!

Josh Chilling in the hotel room:

The Colt's Stadium, Saturday Afternoon...

Josh IS NOT giving the Number 1, he is flipping off the Colts!!! Oh yeah, and he wore Steelers Shirts all weekend long!!!

The Capitol Building:

Me resting on the steps of the War Memorial after walking around for a while. It was very hot, and of course I chose to wear a black shirt, which did not help at all!!!!

Josh and I posing for a quick shot together on the War Memorial

As we headed back for home I spotted this restaurant from the highway:

We turned around at the next exit and went and had lunch there. We had to!!! This is our song! We sang this song Karoke style together the first night we met, and this is the song our wedding party and we walked into our reception to!!! It was the perfect ending of a perfect trip!!!

Tonight when Josh got home from work, we continued our celebration with the top of our cake. We weren't sure how it would be a year later...

But it still looked just as pretty and really tasted great!!!

So needless to say it has been a wonderful weekend!!! And don't think I have forgotten...


I went and had dinner with my daddy and family this afternoon/evening. What a great day!!!

I love you dad, and thank you for being the absolutely best dad anybody could have!!! I just got lucky enough to get you!! Thank you for everything you do for us, and for always being there!!! I LOVE YOU!!!!!

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

mommy graphics

I can't get over this giddy feeling. I'm going to be a true mom in less than two months!!!! It just makes me smile and I can't stop! I'm truly just excited at this time. Sure there are things to get done before they get here, but I want my girls here so bad. I just want to see their precious faces and hold them, cuddle them, love on them!!! 55 days til my scheduled c-section. It sounds so short, yet so long at the same time!!! Oh the anticipation is going to drive me crazy!!!!

Ok, so doctor appoint was great today. My sissy, Erika, came with me for this one! We went to the specialist so it was a full out ultrasound measuring and checking on EVERYTHING!!! We measured head, stomach, leg, arm, checked kidneys, heart and heartbeats, bladder, and even the umbilical cord blood flow. And everything was great.

When the tech did her ultrasound, she came up with the estimated weights of 3lbs 14 ounces and 3 lbs 1 ounce. Which is the reason we were back at the specialist in the first place, their size differences. I asked why they would be like that and she came up with the usual: A is eating more, getting more food, B is just going to be smaller, or there could be something with the umbilical cord. Well this made me a bit nervous. So that is when she checked the umbilical cords for both of them and after B was being her stubborn self, and blocking the cord with her feet and hands the tech finally got a good read of it and said it looked great. WHEW, there was a sigh of relief!!! She then said she was going to take the measurements she got and put them in the more "updated" computer in the other room and the weights may change a bit. My thought of this, why wouldn't they have the "updated" computers in the rooms they actually do ultrasounds in???? Oh well...

The doctor came in next and did quick measurements for herself, and she too left to put her measurements in the other computer. When she came back she said everything is looking wonderful and that the newer computer shows their weights being 3lbs 14ozs and 3lbs 6ozs!!!! So that is wonderful news!!! They said that there is no need for concern with that size difference. She also said that both look extremely healthy as everything is developing perfectly and they are moving around like crazy. And they are!!! Just going to town in my belly, but I love it when I feel them. It gives me that sense of relief that everything is good and they are doing well!!!

Oh and another thing that we got to hear, was them practicing their breathing!!! Isn't that wonderful???? Just to hear them taking those breaths, just shows even more that they are going to be here in just a little bit!!!!!!!

The last news about the appointment that I have to share, is that BABY GIRL B is no longer breech at this time. The tech asked me which one was breech and before I could answer she said, well whichever it was, she's not anymore, and then showed us both of their heads right next to each other!!! So what does this mean exactly??? Well if she's made a complete flip within two weeks since the last appointment, I'm pretty sure there's a possiblity that she has the ability to flip back up again. We will just have to wait and see as time progresses if she will stay down or decide to flip back over again.

What's funny about this is that over the past couple days Baby B, on the right, has been sticking out. My stomach was lopsided for a couple days. So much so that Josh even noticed it without me saying anything. I thought to myself, that there was a possiblity that she was flipping over, but apparently didn't mention this to anyone. But I guess I was right!!

So things are going great here, and just wanting them to be here now! I know there isn't much longer to go, but man I am totally just ready to see those beautiful face of our girls!!!

I go back to my regular doctor next Friday. Then he said that I would start my 2 week appointments, and I go back to the specialist in a month. Other than that, there isn't much going on around here. I am just going to be relaxing tomorrow!! So I'm pretty excited about that!!! Then waiting to see what things Josh has planned for the weekend. Hmmm, I guess I need to decide what to get him for anniversary/father's day... Any suggestions?????

mommy graphics

Monday, June 15, 2009

Just an update...

So here I am on this dreary Monday evening. I haven't really been up to too much this weekend. It was pretty uneventful.
Thursday Tyler and I went to see Land of the Lost. It was pretty good. Then Josh, Tyler and I met Jen and the other kids at Wick's pizza and had dinner. Then we just sort of hung out at home the rest of the night.
Saturday was a VERY LAZY day. We didn't get out of bed until 11. Then just sat around. I went and took a nap at some point and Josh painted the second coat of primer in the girls' room. It's coming along, slowly but surely.
Sunday hung out at home screwing around on the computer, then went to funeral home and dinner with mom, dad, Erika and her crew and Wes. Then hung out at the 'rents house for a while.
This morning I went to the "mandatory" training for the new math program our school is adopting for about an hour. Then went to the funeral. Came home and sat around and then Josh and I went to dinner. Now trying to decide if I want to go to bed at 9:30 or sit up and watch some tv with Josh for a while. I have to get up and go back to the math training again tomorrow. It's from 9 to 4.

I got a text from Jen today that said they made it safely to Florida, so I was glad to hear that.

So like I said not to much happening. Wednesday I go to see the Maternal Fetal Specialist to check on their weight differences. After that I am done for a while.
This weekend will hopefully be a great one. Josh's and my first anniversary is Sunday!!!! I can not believe it's been a year, but it has been a great one! Josh will have to work on Sunday, but is off on Friday and Saturday and told me not to make any plans, that he will take care of that. So I'm looking forward to see what he has in store for us!!!

I will update again on Wednesday when I get home from the doctor's to let all know how things are. I'm feeling good. Lots of activity going on in my belly!!!

Hope everyone is having and continues to have a good week.

Friday, June 12, 2009

Life is short....

(I'm sorry if the post is kind of jumping around and stuff, just can't seem to keep all my thoughts straight).

On Wednesday night I was on facebook just screwing around and doing the usual. I noticed one of my friends status was that he was on his way home to see his dad, and didn't know for sure what was going on.

Kevin, is younger than me, probably around 24 or 25. He is living in North Carolina now I believe. The way we know each other is that our families belonged to the same church growing up and we went to the same grade school. Our parents were very good friends, and worked together at the Church Picnic each year. They were the people in charge of the picnic. Both of our families were always around, and our parents were always working together at these church events in some type of way. So I guess what I'm trying to say is that even though I had not actually seen Kevin, or his parents or brother for a long while, probably since last years picnic, his status had me say a few prayers that his father, Paul would be good.

Yesterday morning I woke up to have an email from my dad and a message on facebook from my mom letting me know that Paul had passed away. He passed away from a massive heart attack. It really hit me hard. This is a man that helped so many because he wanted to. Years after his children had graduated from our grade school, he was still there giving his time to help out the church. As well as just being funny old Paul. He was a good man, and this is just devestating.

He was young. I'm going to say around 50 or so, maybe give a couple or take a couple of years. It's just not fair. Not fair to his kids and his wife. Not fair to the community to lose such a nice man.

I am praying for Lisa, Kevin and Matt and their whole family at this time. As well as for everyone who has ever met Paul, as he has definitely left a lasting impression on everyone's life.

I am also realizing that life is sooooooo short and you never know when someone will be gone. So I want to take this time to tell everyone in my life that I LOVE YOU ALL!!! I know I should say it all the time, and not just during a time like this. It's a shame that times like this is what it takes us to see how precious and wonderful life is. With our busy work schedules and running here and there, we don't take the time to tell the ones that mean so much to us exactly what we need to say to them.

I thank each and every one of you for being a part of my life, helping me through the hard times and laughing with me through the funny times, and rejoicing with me in the great times. I could not and would not be the woman I am today without each and every single one of you. Again I love you all, and I will make sure to say it more often.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Overnight guest!!!

He looks just like his mother in this picture!!!

So tonight we have my nephew Tyler over, FINALLY!!!!!! It's been forever since we've had him over, and with him and his family heading to Florida for a month on Sunday it was now or not anytime in the near future!!

Jen brought him over around 5 and hung out for bit then was on her way. We waited around for Josh just discussing the newest video games and things. When Josh got home we headed for Gattiland where we all pretty much stuffed ourselves full and played some games!! It's always a fun dinner!!

After that it was time to come home and do what they love to do best!!

Video Games!!!!! And that's where we are at now at 11:30 at night still playing video games

Doesn't Zander seem to be enjoying his company!!!!

Sunday, June 7, 2009

My Babies Shower!!!!!

This afternoon my mom and sister through me the most awesome baby shower for Kealie and Jozie. It was a wonderful day full of family, friends and lots of food. What exactly was on the menu??? Chick-fil-a nuggets, Chick-fil-a chicken salad sandwiches, meatballs, cheese dip and SOOOOOO much more.

And the cutest cake,
and my personal favorite dessert a cookie cake.

And I took advantage of all that food!! It was so delicious!

Then there were the fun games:
My aunt Mary and MIL Lois!!

My "aunt" (really dad's cousin) Peggy, friends Arleta and Kate, and in the back my Grandma G.

My nieces Rachel and Mallory and friend Becky

And then of course came the gifts:

Just some of the wonderful gifts I received. Everything was so awesome! I am so overwhelmed with it all in a good way of course. Just goes to show how awesome my friends and family really are and how lucky and blessed I am to have each and every single one of them in my life!!!!

A pic of my best college friends, Arleta and Kate who came in from Lexington. Thanks for making the trip. Becky too who also came in from Lexington!!!

It was a wonderful, awesome day!!! I loved everything about it! I could not have asked for anything better!!!! THANKS MOM AND JEN for all you did to make today a very special day for me!! And THANKS TO EVERYONE THAT CAME AND CELEBRATED WITH ME!!!

Anniversary Wishes

Just wanted to do a quick post here for two very special friends.
I am so glad that I began blogging, not just because it helps me journal my events, and allows me to get things off my chest that I need to get out, but mostly because I have met and made some INCREDIBLE friends through here!!!!

Jess and Antonia are wonderful friends that while we have only known each other for a short while and through a blog, and now facebook, and that live 100's and even 1000's miles away I truly see them as great friends! Ladies, it has been so awesome getting to know you and developing a friendship with both of you girls!

Jess and Antonia both had little boys over the past couple months. And with my upcoming girls, that is how we found each others blogs! Not only do we have that in common, but we were all married last year in June!!

And one year ago today they were both married!!! So as they celebrate their First Wedding Anniversary I wanted to give them a little something:

Myspace Anniversary

Jess, I hope you and your husband have a wonderful day together remembering your special day! I hope you have a great celebration of your love together no matter what you do!!

Antonia, While you and your husband can not be together on your first anniversary, I hope you enjoy your very special phone call!!! Enjoy your day remembering how special a year ago today was, and that you will be together soon!

And my love and thoughts that 50 years from now the love you share for one another is stronger and better than it was a year ago, and today!!

I love you girls!!! Have a wonderful day!!!!

Friday, June 5, 2009

A quick post...

because it's 10 minutes to 1 in the morning and we are going to a "Marvelous Multiples" class at the hospital tomorrow from 8-5...

Went to the doctor's for our 7 month check up this morning, here are the key things:
- Got my RH factor shot
- I have GAINED 50 pounds ALREADY!!!
-Baby A seems to be much bigger again with the measurements that the US tech got today.
-baby a: 3 lbs 2 oz
- baby b: 2 lbs 10 oz
which means we will be making another visit to the maternal fetal specialist in about two weeks. I missed their call today because I was at work, so I will call Monday to set up the date.
Doc said not we are just being safe, but everything looks great on them: heartbeats, the way they were both moving around, etc...
- Baby B is breech at the moment, therefore doc had us go ahead and schedule a C-Section!!! Our babies will be here August 11th, if not earlier!!!!

And that was about it! Today was the OFFICIAL last day of work!!! Well, for a week anyway. Then we are all going to a training for the new math program we have adopted for next school year. This will be the 15 and 16th of June, I think from 8 to 3. Then we have another training we will be going to in July.

So like I said a quick update, and I'm leaving you with two pictures. One from December and one from last week. The picture is from Christmas day, I was about a month pregnant. Compare the two pics and let me know if it looks like 50 lbs have been added to me or not. I just couldn't believe it when he told me that!!!

Me in December:

Me last week:

I don't really think these are great comparison pics, but it's the best I can find right now. Anyway, I'm off to bed. Busy weekend, class tomorrow, then dinner with friends coming in town for one of their birthdays, then my shower Sunday!! Looking forward to a great weekend, and a relaxing week next week. I get to check in on General Hospital to see what's been going on!!!!
Have a great weekend everyone!!!!!

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

We made it!!!!

Well today was the last day of school for the students!!! And after the BAD start to the week on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday were actually really awesome days!!!! It was exactly what I was hoping for to end the year. With a few surprises during the day today!

First, I only had 5 there today. 3 were out. I knew one wouldn't be there. He hasn't come to school on the last day since I started teaching him which this was the third year with him. Don't really understand why, but that's cool! Yesterday there was a really sweet note from his mom telling me how wonderful I am and that she hopes I am back as his teacher next and wishing me luck with the pregnancy during the summer!! It was very sweet.

Today I had the grandfather of one of the students that was not there come by to let me know he was running a fever and couldn't come in. And he thanked me for everything I do for Jerry and how far I have helped Jerry progress through the year. He also mentioned me being his teacher next year and how they hoped I would be since Jerry is in love with school ever since I became his teacher. He also handed me a card before leaving. The card was very very sweet, and talked about me being a special person in their lives.

Next one of the 5th graders who's sister was in my class several years ago, came in with a baby gift. With the cutest onsies! I'll have to get a picture of them and post them up.

My favorite student of all time, that I've ever had and ever will have handed me his agenda and there was a very long note. The note once again stated how great of a teacher I am and how much I mean to him. Also that if I don't call mom when the girls are born she will be very very upset with me. It also asked when I would be back next year. Then mom actually showed up around 3 today, just to say good bye, and let me know she was serious about me letting them know when the babies are here.

My oldest student also mentioned how his mom was thinking about transferring him to another school since they moved and the school closer has "his" kind of classroom at it. But she doesn't know if she wants to do that cause in his words, "my mom thinks you are the best teacher ever and she doesn't want me to have another teacher."

Ok, so it might sound like I'm bragging at this point, but I'm not. I'm just in awe and feel really happy right now. Actually it's a mix of emotion I'm feeling, because as you know I asked to move to LD resource next year. Still don't know if I'm going to get to since the resource teachers at work now haven't heard about their transfer requests. Don't really know when I'll find out either. But after today and all the love and comments made, it really made me teary eyed. I mean I have taught all of these boys for at least 2 years now, some for 3 and 4 years. While I know the decision to move to the resource postion is best for me, my baby girls and my sanity :) it still makes me feel sad that today may have been my last day with them. And to know how sad these parents will be if I do end up moving... just makes me want to say nevermind, I'm staying until this group is gone.
But then I say when will be a good time. There will always be these students that I absolutely fall in love with and think of as so much a part of me and a special family to me. Ugghh, it's so hard, but like I said, I think I am making the right decision for me and that's what I need to do. And if the other teachers transfers don't go through, well it won't be so bad to still have my boys next year!!!

ok, on to today, and how awesome they were. I mentioned in my tirade Monday night about how I have to move classrooms next year regardless of what I am teaching and that I had to box and get all of my stuff together in an area of the room so that when we figure out what classroom I am going to we can just grab and go. I didn't know how the boys would do with this, so I took in a couple of movies for them to watch. BUT they were so helpful!!! They did everything for me!!! They took the books from the shelf making sure to keep them in order and put the in boxes and pushed boxes and boxes from one side of the classroom to the other. They picked up garbage, they cleaned blackboards, they pulled down papers, they packed, and packed and packed. Not once complaining that it was too hard. Whatever I asked them to do they did! It was so awesome. I honestly sat in my chair looking through stuff, while they waited for me to fill boxes and tell them where to move what and what to move next. We even got done with getting everything cleared out much earlier than I expected and were able to watch the Incredibles and enjoy our pizza together!!!

Then at the end of the day the principal came in to tell the boys good bye for the summer. Right before she came in, I had done the most strenuous thing I had done all day. I had pulled a pack of construction paper down from a very high shelf. When she walked in she said to me, "Are you moving stuff? Why are you moving stuff?" I said no, that I had just grabbed some paper. To which all four boys that were left at the time, decided it would be fun to get their teacher in trouble. All of them told her that I had been moving stuff all day long!!!! She of course looks at me with her I can't believe you look. I insist that I had not moved anything and how great of a help that my boys were today and how hard they worked. They on the other hand, insisted harder, that I had been moving all the stuff all day long. They went on and on. At which point I said, why are guys trying to get me in trouble, and they began laughing. I'm still not sure my boss believes that I wasn't doing it myself, but I swear they did it all for me and I am so thankful!!! I guess they just decided it was time to get their teacher!!!! A good end of the year prank on me!

So as I said, it was a great day! A great end of the year. I still go to work tomorrow and Friday (after doc appointment) but the hard part is over!!!! Very excited for summer and all that is to come throughout it, but also feeling a little sad that this may have been my last day teaching my boys!! As much as I complain on here about them, and whine about my job. I LOVE IT. I love my boys, and I am going to miss them a whole lot this summer!!!!

Monday, June 1, 2009

Not much to say

Just writing cause I'm bored, and nothing else to do!!!

Today was a Monday if I've ever had one. I went into work thinking "We have 3 days left!! We are going to enjoy the last week of school no matter what!"
My optimism lasted maybe all of 20 minutes. I was going over the schedule when one of my students, normally pretty good, but has his days, decided to begin making noises and do anything and everything he could to distract me. After ignoring him for several minutes I couldn't take it any longer. I called him to the back of the room to discuss why he was doing what he was doing. His explanation was that it was the last day of school. I explained to him that it was not the last day, and that on Wednesday if he had a great week, we would have a pizza party and game/movie day. He again told me that he just didn't feel like being good anymore. So I told him that was fine but if he continued he would have the consequences that reflect his actions.

When he got back to his seat, and the class continued with the discussion of the week, he again became distracting to all. At this point the 2 students that normally give me problems decided that if one was going to get my attention then they would do all they could do to get mine as well. SO now I had three students being rude and disrespectful. And this was all before 9:30 when school doesn't start until 9!!!!

I talked with all three of them again separately and it seemed to help one of them. The other two continued to tell me they didn't care, so I gave them 30 sentences to copy. They at least sat and did these while the others and I did an activity. After lunch we go outside for our recess or "exercise time". Now since the beginning of the year we have been going on the track and they all know they are to stay on the track and run or walk. I even told them that if they did well on the track that tomorrow we would go to the other area and get to take the balls and jump ropes out. You think they would be excited and work hard for this reward. WRONG!!! They were in the middle of the track playing tag I guess because they had their hands all over one another. After 3 warnings I had enough and told them it was time to go in. This was about 3 minutes after we had gotten outside. Now I had one of the students go totally off and begin screaming and yelling at me telling me how stupid I was and mean and when I told him to calm down I was told by him, a 3rd grader, to shut my mouth!!!! Can you even imagine telling an adult, much less your teacher to shut their mouth? Well this brought on a referral. Which caused him to begin screaming and yelling more disrespectful stuff to me at the top of his lungs.

The secretary came to remove him from my room, and he even got very rude with her. You would think this would call for mandatory all day detention, or even a suspension, since he has been pulling this crap all FREAKING year long... but no, after 30 minutes he was back in my classroom. The counselor sent him back, you know the one that gave him a bag of popcorn during field day after I sent him out of my room for the third time...

So I have come to the conclusion, that even though EVERY SINGLE PERSON IN THE OFFICE, including the principal and counselor talk about how "scary" and dangerous he is for me to have in my room in my condition that they really don't give a FUCK (Sorry excuse me for my language, as I'm typing I'm getting even more angry) and that they are going to make me deal with him these last two days whatever happens.

So once again I'm thinking what to do? Just let him get away with this stuff? Oh my gosh, I am so glad there is only 2 days left.

Other than that, I found out whether I get the resource job or stay self-contained I am going to have to move rooms, AGAIN!!!!! This will be the 4th time I move rooms in 5 years of teaching. And it's all fine and good, except we were told to rearrange our rooms and get them ready for next year last week. So I worked really hard to get organized and everything nice and looking great, and I was feeling really good about it, only to find out even if I don't get to move to resource then I would have to switch my room. And I'm not the only one switching rooms, we are going to have a lot of moving going on around the school, so again WHY DID SHE MAKE US GET EVERYTHING READY FOR NEXT YEAR????????

And then the last thing, I was starving today after school. Don't really know why. Ate as good as a lunch as I always do, but felt like I hadn't eaten at all. Josh had text me letting me know that he wasn't going to be home until 8 at the earliest. SO I decided to grab a cheeseburger and fries from McDonalds to hold me over (Hey I'm pregnant with twins and if I need a whole other meal to "hold me over" then by god, I will!!!) Our McDonald's is really good and I really don't think that we have any problems with our food before Saturday (when my sausage biscuit had a huge onion on it.... but that was really just a mistake) so I didn't check anything. I get home and open the burger only to find ketchup, onions, mustard and pickles as well as the cheese. UGHHHHH when is it ever going to end? Anyway my fries were good at least, and did a good enough job of holding me over.

After that I have just been on the computer playing games, and have calmed down a bit. And then I read my blog friend, Antonia's blog for the day, and it was all about having bad days, and when you have a bad day, "TO FIND THE JOY" no matter what is going on. So I took the time to sit back and think about it. And I was able to find the joy. First there are only 2 days left with these kids for at least a couple of months. Second my babies have been moving around like crazy since I got home, and I love feeling them!! They are healthy and its getting closer and closer to them being here. And that is about all I need to make me smile!!! I am going to take her advice and find the joy throughout the next 2 days no matter how bad it gets. Because whether it's 2 or 3 of the kids that decide to be rude and disrespectful I have 5 other students who are the sweetest most caring kids I know. And I am going to enjoy my last two days of the school year with them!!!!!!!!

Once again, not meaning to write much, and I go on and on!!! Have a great week everyone!!!