Tuesday, July 28, 2009

At the hospital

So I'm sitting here at the hospital at 1:30 in the morning listening to my baby girls moving around and stirring in their crib and Josh snoring in the uncomfortable fold out couch next to me.

It's been a crazy, emotional week for me. My baby girls are now a week old, and have yet to get to come home with us. I guess the easiest way to do this post is a "week long summary" of how things have been...

But before I do that, I just noticed on my dashboard that it said I had 100 posts... but I thought it should be 101, because if you remember I did my special 100th post a couple days before the girls were born. Well this is what happened, I had started a special 100th post a while back, and decided to do something different. So when I did my 100th post, I went back and erased the one I had finished, not realizing that they were counting that as one of my posts. SO my point is... my 100th post was actually my post welcoming Kealie and Jozie into the world. It's kind of funny because I had said I was thinking about holding out to post 100th blog until they were born... Well I did it, it just wasn't the most awesome and fun blog, it was just a quick summary of the day's event and when Jozie and Kealie entered the world...

Ok, anyway; here is what my week has been:

Tuesday, July 21st: Baby girls born, first visit to the NICU to visit them that night, Jozie on oxygen

Wednesday, July 22nd: Visited girls several times in the NICU, got to hold them for first time (besides the few seconds after delivery), Jozie off oxygen, Jozie given feeding tube due to not yet able to get the "suck, swallow, breath" method down

Thursday, July 23rd: I was discharged from the hospital early that morning, but allowed to stay as late as midnight to be close to the girls, so I did. Josh and I were able to feed our baby girls for the first time. With pacing, Jozie was able to eat from a bottle... Kealie never had a problem, she sucked down her bottle quickly at every feeding. Went to visit and feed girls one last time around 9:00 and feeding tube was out of Jozie, because she pulled it out herself!!! She also at the same time pulled her IV out of her hand. Unfortunately she had to have the IV replaced and put in her other hand, but the feeding tube stayed out!!! Left the hospital around 11:00 without my beautiful babies, and it was one of the hardest things to do.

Friday, July 24th: Woke up to my phone ringing at 8:00am. It was the NICU doctor. My heart stopped beating as I thought something was wrong. He was just giving an update on the girls and letting me know how things were and how great they looked. Very nice to get the phone call, but thought it would have been even nicer if someone would have let me know to expect the call from him. He always came and talked to us around noon when I was in the hospital...
Went to hospital and hung out with Jozie and Kealie as much as possible. Things looking great, started hearing that Monday or Tuesday the girls should get to come home if everything stayed as good as it were.

Saturday, July 25th: Girls still in NICU but continued to make great progress. They were maintaining their weight, if not gaining. They were eating very well. Kealie was starting to slow down, but still meeting her requirements at each feeding. Jozie was eating like a champ!
I started getting a headache sometime on Saturday. It was a pretty bad one, and my Motrin that the doc prescribed me wouldn't help it at all. We left hospital at 9:00, and I was in bed by 9:30.

Sunday, July 26th: Woke up and headache was barely there. Got to hospital early to find out they were moving out of NICU down to the Critical Care Nursery 3... An Upgrade because they were doing so well!!! Fed the girls around 2:30... Headache started coming back... Moved girls down to CCN 3 at 3:00. Headache becoming painful... Got girls ready for photos at 3:30, Got Jozie's individual shots, and one of Kealie before she had a horrible spit up. Had to stop the photo shoot and plan to have photographer come back next day. Headache had become excruciating. Grammy (my mom visits) we feed girls, my head is pounding. Tell her I am going to let Josh come sit with her. When I find Josh, I tell him I am having horrible headache. Decide that it is best for me to come home and rest for a bit to see if that will help headache go away.
Leave Grammy with the girls, and head home. Take Excedrin Migraine, a nap and it doesn't help at all. Decide to try Tylenol Allergy a while later, and it finally goes away. So for two days I suffered from an allergy headache, who would have figured!!! Head back to hospital around 7:00, and Shannon visits since she has been on vacation and hasn't had a chance to visit yet. Jen and Tyler also come. Tyler not being old enough to visit in nursery, is given the chance to see Kealie for the first time in person because of our awesome nurse!!! She opens door and allows Tyler to get a good look at one of his new cousins. He would have gotten to see Jozie as well, but he and Josh apparently got locked out of the hospital while Jen and I were visiting the girls... When he finally got up to the nursery we had already put Jozie back in the crib.
Leave hospital again without my babies... But still hearing Tuesday should be the day the girls get to come home as long as they maintain their weight or gain, and pass their car seat tests.

Monday, July 27th: Phone call from doctor, lets us know Kealie had trouble eating and did not meet her requirement through the night feedings. Also from the ultrasound of the brain that they had, they found a cyst on Kealie's brain. Told that there was nothing to worry about and that lot's of people have them that never know about them. And that it is very common in premature babies. Get to hospital and find out we will be moving that afternoon once again. Back up to the 6th floor but in the CCN 1 room. We get Kealie's individual pics done and their pics together done. I must say they are the best pics ever! SO CUTE!!!
Head back upstairs with girls around 3. Hang out with them for the day, and hear many, many many times that these girls will be going home tomorrow because they are doing so well. Stay with the girls until around 10:00 and as leaving nurses are telling us that we should get to bring girls home tomorrow!! We are also told we would probably be discharged in afternoon as the girls were doing so great that they were the last babies in the NICU/CCN that doc checked out.
We get home and hang out for a bit. Josh had to be the cutest. At one point thought he might have an anxiety attack when discussing having girls home and on our own tomorrow!!! But we were both so excited and ready for it! Can't wait to get up on Tuesday morning and prepare to bring out beautiful baby girls home. It will be their 1 week birthday!!!

Tuesday, July 28th: Woke up to phone ringing at 9:00 am... IT's the Doc!!! First thought.. "We are going to get them home really early!!!" Only to be disappointed by doc letting me know that Kealie again struggled to eat and wasn't making her required eatings. So he was going to keep them over night again and that there would be no homecoming today but we would be able to stay in a special room with them overnight. Well as long as I got to stay with my babies it made it a bit better. The phone call was only made worse when he told me that the nurse and he had heard a heart murmur in Jozie... WHAT??? Again we were told that these were fairly normal in premature babies and there was really nothing to worry about. Well guess what? I was worried, worried sick. After the disappointment in the phone call, and the emotions that we both went through after hearing the news and calling the grandparents, we were sitting and discussing getting ready when I fell asleep. Josh too took a nap and then we got up about 1/2 hour later and began gathering our clothes for our overnight stay with our baby girls. We have been here ever since around 1:00. The girls are doing so-so on the feedings. We have been in our "semi-private" room since around 8:00. The nurses are leaving us alone. They haven't checked on us since around 10 or so. As I mentioned at the beginning of this post, Josh is sleeping and the girls have been sleeping as well. We are supposed to wake the girls up every three hours to feed them... It is now 2:30. Kealie was due to eat at 2:00, but I don't understand why I should wake her up if she is sleeping so well. Shouldn't we let her sleep and wake up on her own? Then she might just eat what she needs to eat. Jozie is due for her next feeding at 3:00. I don't know what to do... I mean these nurses and doctors obviously know what they are talking about, and I should do what they tell me to do, but I as a mother, don't believe it is best to wake them up if they are sleeping so well.

I'm going to go and see if Kealie is at least starting to wake up at this time. All of the pictures of the girls are on the computer at home. I don't have any on my laptop which I'm using right now of course. I promise to post pictures as soon as we all get home and have at least a little down time. OHHHH Kealie is waking up!!! Gotta go get her!!!
We would really appreciate just a quick prayer or thought for us that we get to take our baby girls home tomorrow. Josh has to go back to work either Sunday or Monday and I know I and he would really love some time with the girls at home before he has to go back. My birthday is Friday and the only gift I want is for my girls to be home with me, preferably before Friday, preferably tomorrow!!!

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

The Girls are here!!!

Just a quick post to let you all know that on Monday at the specialist, due to some findings, they went ahead and admitted me into the hospital to have these baby girls. They began inducing me at 8 pm MOnday night... At 9:39 am Tuesday July 21st, Jozie Reed was born, and Kealie Jean followed right behind her at 9:46. Jozie is weighing 5 pounds, 6 ozs and Kealie was 4 pounds 2 ounces. They are both staying in the NICU. We are not sure how long they will be there, but they have made progress all day long!!! We even were able to go up and hold them about 12 midnight Tuesday night/Wednesday morning!!! I am totally in love with my girls. I can't wait to have them with me forever. Please say a quick prayer that they get to come home very very soon. I will write more later and post pictures soon. Right now I am going to get some muchneeded sleep!!!

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Here it is.... MY 100th POST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So I have been thinking about my 100th post for quite a while now as I continued to get closer and closer to it and what I could do to make it a special post. The thought even crossed my mine how cool it would be if my 100th post was to announce the baby girls were here.... But I just couldn't hold out that long!!!

The next thing I did was try to be creative in some way, you know think about how to make this special and awesome, but nothing is coming to me. Maybe it's because I'm 2 weeks away from having twin girls and I just have other things on my mind than to be really creative for my blog (Maybe I'll be able to do that at 200!!!) So I did only the next natural thing to do... I googled 100th blog post ideas, and everything I found was pretty much the same. People giving 100 little facts about themselves that you may or may not know about them. So I'm stealing their idea!!

Here are my "100 little facts about me"
* Friends and Family
1. My husband Josh is my very very best friend and the best thing that has ever happened to me in my whole life. I am what I am today because of him!!!

2. Josh spoils me way too much

3. I met Josh in a bar after I bungee jumped. He was walking out and I was walking in. I grabbed him and said I just bungee jumped... He decided to stay, and the rest is history!!!!

4. I love my family more than I can ever let them know... It's beyond words how much each and every single one of them have influenced me to be who I am today

5. I am SOOOOOOO ready for my baby girls to be here, and can't believe that in only 2 weeks I will be holding them in my arms

6. I'm scared to death about putting my babies in a day care.

7. My big sister Jennifer, is also my best friend... She is always there to listen and turn to when I need someone.

8. While Erika is my younger sister, I look up to her for all she does as a mom. She is one of the best I know, and I hope that I am as good of a mom as she is!!

9. My brother Wes is the best brother anyone could have and you should all be jealous of me!!! He would do ANYTHING at ANYTIME for me and he has proven that over and over!!!

10. My parents are my role models. They got married and raised 4 children at very young ages, and did such a great job!!! And they have been married going on 33 years and are still in love and you can see the love they have. I hope that my marriage and parenting are as good as theirs has been and continues to be!!!

11. I wish my best friends from college lived closer to me (2 are in Lexington and one is in Boston)

12. My best friend from college, Kate and I, weren't really friends until I left Transylvania and moved back to Louisville... We hardly even spoke when I was there, now she is one of the best friends I've ever had and our friendship continues to grow more and more throughout the years!

* Pets
13. I have two cats, Nelly and Rudy, that were a Valentine's Present from my mom when I moved to my first apartment 7 years ago.

14. Josh hates my cats cause one of the first times we just hung out at my house and ordered pizza, the cats jumped on the stove and knocked the whole pizza onto the floor before we got any of it.

15. Poor Rudy was locked in the refrigerator over night as a kitten... I found her in there the next morning when I got up... Yet she still likes to jump in the refrigerator to this day.

16. Zander is our 5 year old Jack Russell

17. He is so spoiled, he will not lie on the floor if there is not a pillow or blanket for him, He will sit or stand staring at us until we get him one.

18. Zander decided to jump the fence for the first time in almost three years when we were on our Honeymoon last summer and my brother was at our house. He had never done it before and has never done it again. It really is very strange that he did that.

* Blogging
19. I started my blog in December 2008 a couple weeks after I found out I was pregnant after months of thinking I would start one, but with the new news I knew I would finally have something interesting to talk about!!

20. I love blogging, not only because it lets me journal and I can look back and remember what was going on during certain times but because of the people I have connected with through blogging!

21. I have met a couple of people, Antonia and Jess, through my blog and consider them friends, even though we live 100's and 1000's of miles from each other!!!

22. I joined a sorority at Transylvania after being offered an open bid, and then left the school 2 months later...

23. My favorite subject in school is writing... It's what I love to do, and I love teaching it

24. My least favorite subject to teach is Social Studies... I am not good with History or Geography

25. The best thing about my job are the people I work with. I miss talking to them all during the summer vacation.

26. I love teaching, but wish that I could be a stay-at-home mom for at least the next several years while my girls are young.

*About Me
27. I will be turning 30 in exactly 13 days

28. My favorite city that I have been to is New Orleans... I've been twice.

29. If I could go anywhere in the world I would go to Greece

30. I have parasailed twice, both times I was with Jen

31. I played field hockey in high school for 3 years and in college for 2 years.

32. My hair is naturally curly

33. I have grey hair, and have had grey hair for about 5 years now... ever since I began teaching!!! It's not a lot but there's enough for me to have to dye my hair

34. I am 5'7" or 5'8" not for sure which one...

35. I have hazel eyes... Depending on my mood and the weather at times they look really bright green and others they are really dark brown

36. I have been told my best quality is friendliness to everyone and excepting all and making everyone feel comfortable around me.

37. My worst quality would be my shyness

38. I am a Leo, but do not share many of the characteristics that go along with that sign.

39. While I am the second of 4 children, I definitely have the characteristics of a middle child

40. I hate cleaning and if you saw my house you would be able to tell!

41. The worst chore is by far washing dishes... especially silverware!!!

42. My favorite chore is organizing.. as in organizing books and cds and movies... I'm pretty sure that my mom would agree I get this from my father!

43. I never make the bed

44. I enjoy baking, but don't do it often because I'm not very good at it

* Random Facts
45. If I could be anything, I would be a Broadway star!!

46. If I could live the life of a famous person it would be Judy Garland

47. I am a night owl... I can be sleepy all day, but once the clock hits 11 or 12, I get my second wind

48. I hate being woke up in the morning. Whether it be by an alarm or a person... Just ask Josh and my mom!!!!

49. I hate having to call companies or stores for any reason... That is why there are about 7 bags of clothes for charity still on my front porch that have been there for several weeks now

50. I am a very quiet and shy person when you first meet me

51. People who have known me for a long time and know me well probably wish I would just shut up sometimes!!!

52. I have a tattoo on my back of the sun

53. I have my ears pierced twice and my left ear cartilage pierced

54. I used to have my belly button pierced... when I was skinny of course!!

55. I love Wal-Mart... What's not to love, they have absolutely everything you could possibly need!!!!

56. When I was younger and played Nintendo, I used to be really mean to my brother who watched me when I would die or mess up.

57. The first time my parents heard me say a cuss word was when I was playing Mario Brothers

58. I want to write a novel and publish it one day... It has been a goal of mine since high school... I just don't know where or how to start

59. I've broken my right arm three different times

60. I love music and singing, even though I am horrible at it.

*Food and Drinks
61. I could eat pizza 7 days a week and don't think I would ever get tired of it.

62. I am disgusted by all condiments, except hot sauce. I will not touch something if it has ketchup, mustard, mayonnaise or any other kind of sauce on it. It will make me gag

63. I hate onions, and if I accidentally bite into one that has been placed on to my food by accident, you better hope there is a napkin for me to spit it in, or else you will have to listen to me gag and possibly throw up!!!

64. My favorite alcoholic beverage is a Grasshopper

65. The only things I drink besides an occasional alcoholic beverage(when I'm not pregnant of course) is water and Coke or Pepsi

66. I am addicted to Reality TV

67. My favorites are Amazing Race and Big Brother

68. If I could go on any reality show it would be Amazing Race

69. I would suck on Big Brother...

70. I laugh so hard at the show Wipeout every week, that it physically hurts and I just want them to go to a commercial at times so that I can catch my breath!

71. I am addicted to facebook... I'm on for several hours a day throughout the day

72. I am addicted to the computer in general... I'm on it for way too many hours during the summer. I should really get out and do something, or at least get up and clean my house!!!

73. My favorite song is Shoop by Salt-n-Pepa

74. I love playing video games

75. I love reading and watching about Celebrity Gossip stuff...

76. I cried while watching Michael Jackson's memorial service

77. I also cried when Chris Farley died... he was my favorite

78. I Love Tom Petty and wish I could go see him in concert

*Random Favorites
79. My favorite sport to play is Volleyball

80. My favorite sport to watch is College Basketball

81. My favorite book of all time is The Outsiders

82. I love the show iCarley

83. My favorite music is Oldies

84. My favorite band is The Beatles

85. My favorite color is purple

86. I was raised Catholic

87. I went to Catholic school from Kindergarten to 12th grade

88. The grade school and High School that I attended are now closed

89. I believe in God with all my heart, soul and mind.

90. I do not believe you have to go to church to be a good Christian

91. I believe you should be allowed to believe what you believe and not be hassled or pressured to join a religion or belong to a church in order for God to hear and be there for you

*Pet Peeves
92. I can't stand it when people wear a hat for one team and a t-shirt for another team... For example: a Steelers shirt and a Colts hat... If it were a college team and a pro team it's not as bad, but seriously I think you should match your sportswear with the same team!!!

93. My biggest pet peeve is when someone is wearing two different socks... Don't know why I just can't deal with it!!!

94. It drives me crazy when people ask you a question and then keep on talking or don't listen to your answer

95. The hardest thing about marriage that I've experienced is having to share holiday's with both sides of the family... I know it sounds horrible but I hate it!

96. The best thing about marriage that I've experienced is how much our love grows each and every day. I can honestly say that I love Josh more and more each day that we are together.

*To end with...
97. I am very proud of the goals I have accomplished in my life... Graduating from college, becoming a teacher, finding the love of my life, getting married, and having a family...

98. I am so happy with my life right now... I don't think there is a time I have been happier and honestly believe that it will only continue to get better with each year that we live

99. I can not believe how long this has taken me to complete, but I am happy I did, because it's been a nice reflection time

100. I AM DEFINITELY LIVING MY DREAM LIFE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Well there you have it... You probably know way more than you wanted to know about me, but I appreciate you taking the time to read it!!! I really enjoyed taking the time to sit back and think about these things!

Hope you all have a great week!!!

Thursday, July 16, 2009

6 and 1/2 hour doctors appointment....

yep... that's how long I was there today... It was crazy, so let me just get started!!!

So my appointment was scheduled for 8 this morning... SO EARLY... but hey, my thought was I wouldn't have to wait long to see my babies and I wouldn't be there all day... I was mistaken!!!

First I go and check in, and have a seat. Now I'm the only patient there in the waiting room, and can hear all the nurses and stuff coming in and talking about their days off and how they have headaches, etc, etc, etc... I was just watching the news and realized I must have been there for a while, so I look at my phone, and yes, I have been sitting there waiting for 35 minutes. So I'm like, I wonder what's going on.. maybe someone is running late, but it would be nice if they would let me know. So when the clock hit 8:45 I decided it was time to figure it out myself. So I go to the window, and no one was even there, so I ring the bell. A different lady comes up then had checked me in and asks for my name... I say I'm Michelle, I've been waiting since 8... My appointment was scheduled for 8, is the doctor running late? What's going on?
The response is... Oh my gosh, I saw you sitting there, I figured you were waiting for someone... (yeah, the doctor!!!).. Let me go see what's going on.
And I immediately get called back by the "head" nurse who apologizes profusely and that there computers had gone down.. (my thought, well someone checked me in, what's her excuse) But anyway, I let it go cause I got to see my babies, and that's enough to make me smile and be happy.

So we get the ultrasound, and the girls are moving like crazy, Baby B of course being a handful once again by not sitting still as they try to get the measurements... But they eventually got what they needed, and well, it wasn't what I expected. Last month when I went they were 3lbs 14ozs and 3lbs 6ozs... Today their estimated weights were only 4lbs 12ozs, and 4lbs 3ozs... They had not even gained a pound in a month. The nurse leaves to go put the data in the computer and talk with the doctor. Then they both come back a while late, take more measurements together, Being generous with them...

Doctor explains that while they are growing, just hadn't grown as much as expected,so they leave to go put the new measurements in. A couple minutes later they come back and tell me they are going to check something out...

Oh yeah, did I mention that I was there by myself today? Josh had to work and with it being such an early appointment I didn't want anyone else to have to get up so early. It figures...

So I get in the room and am told by the doctor that their percentage of growth has dropped dramatically. WHile baby a has been in at least the top 50% throughout the pregnancy is now only in the top 15... Well, you know from reading this, that I am not one to keep my emotions on the inside, and the tears came. The doctor was like don't cry, you are 34 weeks pregnant with twins, you look great, your babies are active, everything looks healthy and they are practicing that breathing like they are good to go at any time, and if they need to come now they will be fine. I must admit I had never seen this doctor the previous times I've been to the Maternal Fetal Specialists, but I really liked her. She had a very good way of calming me down and letting me know everything was fine. She went on to tell me baby b was now only in the 8th percentile. But that this is because I'm trying to nourish two babies and it's just hard for one person to do at this point in the pregnancy. They just need more than I can give them.

So they hook me up to watch their heart rates for a while. I'd say I was there for about an hour, by this time it was 11:30. The doctor came in and said they are just sleeping and I need to see more activity, so she tried stimulting them and told me to stay hooked up for 15 minutes. If nothing changed, she would let me go to lunch and then come back to see if that helped.

So about 20 minutes later, I am on my way to lunch to get some food for us. I called Josh and filled him in and of course pretty much freaked him out. After I got him to be ok with the fact I was going back and to believe me that everything was ok, he went back to work, not before telling me he was going to call and have someone come and take over his run so he could get to me. I talked him out of it and told him that I would call him and let him no if he needed to do that after I got back in and all hooked up.

So about an hour later I am back at the office, and hooked up again. I stay hooked up for another hour or so, and the heartbeats were much higher this time and the rate was moving much more. Doctor came in and said, yep, that's exactly what they needed... some sugar. She loved what she saw and told me I would not be having the babies tonight after all!!! Wouldn't that have been the craziest!!!!

During the appointment she had asked me what my regular doc and I had discussed about delivering, and I told her about the c-section we had scheduled but that we were just sort of watching it and if they stayed head down we were going to wait it out. She said no... She said that at this point with twins that if they needed to come they would be perfectly healthy, just small. And that for sure 2 weeks is as long as they need to stay in there. She said we will give them two more weeks to try and gain more weight and get them up to 5 pounds, but we weren't waiting any longer. I am and have been doing all I can do for these two babies, that they are healthy and that I as one person, am just not able to give them the nourishment they need anymore. So she called my doctor and filled him in. She let me know he said it's sounds good to him and he knows exactly what's going on.

SOOOOO, NOW my babies will be here within 2 weeks, or so.. I will be going back to the specialist next Monday and Thursday, and the week after that to keep a close eye on them. I also go to my doc's next Friday which is when we will choose a new date for the inducement. Two weeks from today is the 30th. That is the day before my birthday. I honestly don't want them to have to share a birthday with anyone else, as they already have to share with one another... Plus with it being at the end of the week, I am thinking (but we know I'm usually wrong about these things) that he won't induce me on a Friday anyway. I think we will probably wait until August 3rd... I guess we will have to wait and see for sure.

TWO WEEKS!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm very excited, but at the same time shocked. It was such a crazy day, just not what I expected AT ALL!!!!!!!!! Lot's to do in 2 weeks around the house as well as get everything ready for the beginning of the year since I will for sure not be making it there for that!!! I think I'm going to get up and fill the boss in since she is already back in the office and see exactly what kind of plans I need to have for the time I'm out. Plus, I will be recruiting EVERYONE (sisters, brothers, nephews, nieces) to come and help me move all my stuff to my new classroom and help me put it all together!!!

It will all work out and get done... it always does I know. Just lots to think about over the next two weeks, but to stay calm and cool and relaxed at the same time!!!

KEALIE and JOZIE... I'm SO HAPPY AND READY FOR YOU TO BE HERE!!!! I can not wait to see your beautiful precious amazing faces!!! You girls eat up as much as you can so you can put those ounces on!!! I LOVE YOU MORE AND MORE THAN YOU WILL KNOW!!!!!!!!

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

What's going on around here

Just sitting around waiting for Josh to get home from work and trying to decide if I want to go take a nap, even though it's already 20 minutes to 7. I know I wouldn't be able to get back to sleep tonight if I did, but I feel so tired right now. And Big Brother comes on at 9 tonight, so can't fall asleep before that comes on... Oh what to do, what to do????

I decided to write a little post. Not to much to say. We started our two day training on community building today, so I was there from 8:30 to 3 today. Then I went and grabbed some things I needed from Michael's craft store and stopped by Skyline to visit Shannon and have a "snack"... Even thought I ate what I always eat when I go there, it was still just a snack!!!! Tomorrow I have training from the same time again, and then we are going to meet with a pediatrician at 7:30. Thursday is Specialist Doc appt, so I'm looking forward to that, even though it's at 8 in the morning... And I thought having to be at my training at 8:30 was bad... The good thing is that I will be able to come home and take a nap after the doctor's appointment!! LOL

I found out last night while chatting with a co-worker on Facebook that we have another training to go to next Thursday and Friday from 8:30-3:30 both days... Not that I was excited about it, but not a big deal. Then this morning it hit me I have a doc appt next Friday at 10:30... But I just look on our Professional Development website and they have another of the same training on Monday and Tuesday next week, so I just switched what days I am going. I like the fact that I am going Monday and Tuesday and getting it over with, I just won't know anyone there while I'm there. They are all going to the Thursday and Friday session... Why would you choose a Thursday and Friday???? Anyway, I think it works out best for me!

The girls are still moving around like crazy... I can not wait to see how big they've gotten. I feel like it's been 3 months since the last ultrasound, but it's only been a month! I'm still feeling good... and this month is flying by so far. But with all these trainings and the stuff I have to do for school, as well as around the house before they get here, I don't think it's going to slow down any. Which I believe is a good thing for me... I have heard the last month can be SOOOO long and miserable. Hopefully it will just keep going quickly!!!

Well that's about it. I will post again sometime after my appointment... Take care and hope everyone is having and keeps having a good week!!!!

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Another week down...

Well it's been another whole week since I have updated!!! Don't really know where the time went... This week just sort of flew by without me realizing it!!!!

Nothing much going on around here. Josh and I got a whole lot of the nursery done!!! It's looking so good... Every time I walk in the room I just smile!!! We are really just about done, just getting border hung and then other decorations around the room and a bit of organization of baby necessities and where we will be storing and keeping things...

So HOPEFULLY by this time next weekend it will all be ready for the girls to enjoy!!!

We went out yesterday and got some things to help organize the rest of the house. We got a new lawn mower FINALLY since ours broke and our grass has not been cut for like 3 weeks... hahaha. We got a cabinet shelf thingy for the kitchen to put formula and bottles and all the baby stuff in! And we got the car seat bases for Josh's car, and another plastic dresser thingy for all of Josh's t-shirt... Have I mentioned this? We went through all of our clothes and have like 9 bags to donate to DAV or somewhere like that, and still have space issues because of all the clothes that Josh has!! It really is a bit ridiculous!!!

We went to the doctor Friday and heartbeats are great! Everything is very good, besides me being anemic, but not much can be done with that since I am already on Iron pills. I have been trying to eat more vegetables though to see if that will help any. No ultrasound... It's driving me crazy, I haven't had one since my last visit to the specialist which will be 4 weeks ago Wednesday!!! But I go back to them on Thursday so I can't wait for that. The girls are going crazy, kicking around and moving like wild! Last night Josh and I just watched them move around my stomach for like 5 minutes straight. While it's a bit freaky, it is also just amazing and exciting!!!! They both seem to still be head down, which led me to ask doc if he would induce me on the 11th if I was able to deliver vaginally at that time seeing how I had the c-section scheduled already. His reply was no, cause he doesn't do "scheduled" inducements on Tuesdays, and that we would discuss that later.
Which leads me to believe, the more I think about it, that he is going to let me go into labor naturally. Which at this time I'm feeling isn't going to be any time soon! Or even before the 11th for that matter. But I guess when we see how big the girls are on Thursday we will have a better idea of how much longer they will have room in there.

I'm really feeling good physically, emotionally and mentally at this time. I've been out doing stuff, and the getting things done around the house helps me out mentally and emotionally!!! Just knowing that we are now at a point where the girls will have a place to sleep makes me feel so much better. I just get tired really quickly. But at this point, time isn't dragging on. Like I said at the beginning of the post, this week just sort of flew by. I can't believe we are already almost to the middle of July!!!!

This week coming is going to be pretty busy! Tomorrow I plan on taking a bit easy.. getting some easy stuff done around the house. Then Tuesday and Wednesday I have a training for work, and Wednesday night we are going to meet the 4th out of 5 pediatricians. Thursday I have my appointment and Jen and her crew get back from Florida!!! YEAH, I can't wait to see them!!!!

After next week it will be getting all my plans and stuff ready for the beginning of the school year. I'm also going to have to figure out a way to move all of my stuff from my old classroom to my new room. As of now it looks like I will be teaching my self contained class again this year. But I have a great sub who my kids know and she is really excited to work with them so that is good news!!!

Josh was asked to go to Brooklyn for a week to help train some of the guys up there. We thought he would be going this coming up week, but they are apparently short at his branch with guys on vacation. So I'm Really hoping that it is next week that he will be going cause anything after that is just REALLY REALLY too close, and anything can happen. I know I wouldn't be the happiest if he happened to be out of town when I went in to labor, but I also think it's a great opportunity to go to Brooklyn, even if I am a bit jealous!! Not to mention that he would be devastated if he missed the girls getting here while he was away. So just say a little prayer or give a little hope that he goes next week!

That's about all I have for now. I may have a bit more to write about this week with training and all, so who knows, I may not wait a whole week to do my next post, but no promises here!!! Have a great week!!!

Sunday, July 5, 2009

Preparing for my babies!!!

Well it's been quite a few days since I've posted anything so I thought I would do a quick write up about what I've been up to!

Josh and I are working really hard to get the girls' room ready and the house cleaned up before they get here. We've made great progress in the room! The cribs are up as well as the dresser. They are so beautiful and after having one crib and the dresser up we thought we were going to have some space issues... but once we got the second crib up everything fit perfectly!!!!!! YEAH!!!!!!!

We went shopping yesterday morning for crib sets and decorations for the room! It was a blast. We got so much stuff that we needed. Now comes the fun part of actually decorating the room!! We also got the pack-n-play and 2 swings. We were only going to get one swing but Babies-R-Us was having a sale on Graco items and it was buy three products and get $100 off, so we went for the 2nd swing since it was like we were getting it for free!! Who can pass a deal up like that?!?!?!?!?

We now have all necessities for these girls! They can come anytime they like and we are ready! The biggest things we have left to get are the car seat bases for Josh's car. They were out of stock when we went shopping so we will just have to make another trip to the store! Actually they were out of quite a few things. Maybe their delivery is Monday, cause another thing we were going to get was border for the room and they were out of that as well as like two other borders for other bed room sets...

Other than that, I've been taking it pretty easy. Just hanging out at home doing little things throughout the day, and taking lots of naps. It's funny, cause when i do stuff I get so exhausted so easily, but if I don't do anything, I end up seeming just as exhausted!!!

We celebrated my nephew's second birthday yesterday as well!!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY AIDEN!!! I got him a blue beta (fish) and took it over to him on Friday!! He was too cute to watch watching the little fish. Oh and it was also very cute when he tried to catch it as well!!! His actual birthday was the 2nd! So it was his GOLDEN BIRTHDAY!!!

After we left the party yesterday we came home and chilled out. Josh had to make a run for work. When he got home we made a quick and easy dinner and watched James Bond. No fireworks this year for us... It was a great day!!! Much better than last fourth of July. We spent the day driving home from Florida (our Honeymoon) in the rain. (It rained again all day this year too) When we got home we entered to a very sick doggy... That's another story for another time. But of course you all know Zander is fine and healthy now!!!

Plans for this week are to just keep getting everything ready and together for the girls! Actually right now I think I am going to go get some stuff done now! Next doctor's appointment is Friday morning. I will hopefully post before then!

Hope everyone enjoyed their Fourth of July and long weekend! Have a great week!!