Wednesday, February 25, 2009

My babies at 14 weeks!!!

Everything is going well. I guess pretty normal symptoms at this time, for me anyway. Still no morning sickness, which is a wonderful thing, and I realize now that I am so very lucky as this is normally worse when you are carrying twins. I really don't know how I got so lucky, but I am so thankful that I have not had to deal with that as of yet. And yes I am still knocking on wood!!!!

I mentioned that I was going maternity clothes shopping over the weekend in a previous post, and it was fun. Jen and me went to Motherhood and really found some great deals. They had some great items on clearance, so I was pretty lucky! And these clothes actually make me look pregnant!! They are so comfortable too!!! I work with a girl who is about 2 weeks ahead of me in her pregnancy and I am quickly bypassing her size. I guess that's what two babies will do. I think about what I will look like in two months at the end of the school year, and even at the end of my pregnancy. I am going to be huge. My teacher friends like to discuss this with me as well, and let me know that they will be there to help me roll down the halls!!!

Work is going better this week. The ignoring is going much better than it did this week. So either the two kids sit in the back of the room and mumble under their breath or roll around the floor. But I am getting a lot accomplished with the others this week. And it's already almost Thursday. The week has gone by pretty quickly, and that's always a great thing!

I have to tell a couple stories about my students. They like to ask questions about my babies and here are the best that I have heard yet.

On Monday, one of them asked me how my babies were. I told them they were good, still growing. His response was "Oh, I thought you had them at home by now, but they are still in your stomach?" I said "yes, they will be for a while. Until you are a 4th grader, which will be next school year. They will come out then." He answered with a sigh, "Mrs. Mullins, that's a long time from now. Are you sure you can wait that long? I want to see them now!" I agreed that I wanted to see them now too, but that they had to get bigger and stronger inside me before they could come out and visit him. He said ok and went about eating his breakfast.

One of the not-so-good-kids, in an attempt to get to me told me my babies were ugly. I agreed, and told him they were pretty ugly(Trust me, my babies are the most beautiful things in the world and always will be, but you've got to connect with mean little kids on these things) right now cause they were still growing and were all slimy and skinny right now. This made him become interested and decided that he would ask another question. Where do your babies poop and pee? Inside you? That's disgusting!!!" I answered with a simple yes. The whole class then started making sick noises and telling me it was too gross. In order for them to calm down I simply told them that when I used the bathroom, the babies stuff came out too. I don't think I need to give them the whole pregnancy deal right now!! Plus the answer really seemed to make sense to them, so that was the end of that discussion.

And the most cute, and awesome story I have to share with you. I have a student who is the most cute, sweet thing in the world (besides mine of course) He is tiny, and he has this squeaky little voice. He talks ALL THE TIME!!! He's so funny, because he will want to ask a question and he will just repeat my name over and over and over and over. Or he will blurt out an answer, and I will say "J" please raise your hand, and he will "Oh yeah, I forgot... Sorry" and then raise his hands. He has always been very caring and sweet. He always gives me a hug in the morning before we are dismissed for reading groups, even though he is in my reading group which is in another room. He is the kid that can tell when I am getting frustrated with the others, and he will provide me with a hug!! He can always bring a smile to my face.

Anyway, I wanted to give you a quick summary of the kid I am talking about.
Starting last week, when we would leave for reading, he would come to give me a hug. But he started giving me a hug, and then he would give me a second hug. I really didn't think much about it until yesterday. I was sitting at my desk doing attendance and I dismissed him for reading and he came over to give me my hug. Then he went for the second hug and put his head on my stomach. I said, I really like the second hug I've been getting from you "J", why am I so lucky to get two hugs now?" He responded, "Mrs. M. that hug isn't for you, it's for your twins in your tummy!" It was the sweetest most cute thing I've ever seen!!! I have to admit I got a little teary eyed!!!

And this is why I LOVE what I do for a living. Kids are great, and they are so curious and loving and caring!!! And do the most sweet, amazing things!!!

I hope everyone is having a nice week. I will post again soon!!!

Monday, February 23, 2009

My First Award!!!!!!

I will be posting this on my sidebar as soon as I figure out how to do it!!!! lol :)

I recieved my first award from my AWESOME blog friend, Jess!!!!! Her blog is so excellent and I believe everyone should check it out at

Now here are the rules:
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Thanks again, Jess!!! This is very special to me!

Happy Birthday Wes!!!

So it is my baby brother's 26th birthday today!!!! Pretty crazy when the youngest of us is half way through their 20's. We are so freaking old, yet still all young at heart!

My brother is the greatest brother in the world. In celebration of his birthday, I am going to post a portion of a blog I wrote on MySpace before I became a true blogger. I may have to post the whole blog at some point, but for today it's just the part I wrote on Wes because it's his day!!!!!!

To Wesley: my baby brother, and a hell of a man,

After a girl is grown, her little brothers - now her protectors - seem like big brothers. ~Astrid Alauda

Oh, where do I begin with you? I know we are only 4 years apart in age, but I remember when you were so little. The baby of our family. All of us girls taking care of you, and making sure you had everything you needed. And then after that, the brother that we got in trouble, bothering you and then saying you did it, and you always taking the blame!!! Because of course you're the boy, and boys don't hit girls!! Gosh we were mean! Maybe we still are a little bit...

And then one day, you weren't so little anymore. You didn't need to be the one taken care of, and made sure you were alright. You were taking care of me. Making sure that I was alright, that I was happy and that I had everything I needed. I'm not sure when it happened, but it still is that way today. As I mentioned before, you are one hell of a man. You know what you want and you go for it, not letting anything or anyone stand in your way. I admire you for that quality, and wish that I had just a 10th of that quality in me.

This picture was taken on Christmas day last year. It cracks me up cause we both look like we may be a little inebriated on something!!!

Thank you for always being there for me when I call. Whether it is to play volleyball with us, fix a flat tire, or just to talk to. Thank you. I just can't say it enough. I am so proud of you Wes. And I am so lucky to have a brother as awesome as you are. I only hope that I am as good of a sister to you as you are a brother to me.

I love you Wes, and you are the best brother a girl could have, and so I leave you with this...

There's no other love like the love for a brother. There's no other love like the love from a brother. -- Astrid Alauda

Wes and my Dad!

Wishing you a very Happy Birthday Wesley! Hope you have a great day!!!
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Sunday, February 22, 2009

Just what I needed

THE WEEKEND!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So after a not-so-good week, the weekend finally came!!! And it has been a very nice weekend. I left work as soon as my kids were on the bus Friday and came home, put my feet up and just relaxed. I watched the movie Definitely, Maybe before Josh got home and I really enjoyed it. For anyone who likes those sappy love stories, this is a good one!!!! Check it out!

Josh got home about 7 and I laid down on the couch. We talked about our days and then I was out. I napped there on the couch until 9:00. I think that that may have been my biggest problem. Just exhausted!!! When I woke up Friday Night Lights was on. One of my favorite shows since last season. I don't know what it is about it that I like so much, and I don't know one other person that watches it, but it really is a good show. Then we watched Psych, and went to bed. Actually Josh had fallen asleep in the chair and wouldn't get up so I went to bed. I think he finally crawled into bed around 2 in the morning!

Of course after all the sleep I got, I woke up at 7:30 in the morning. There's something about just getting to sleep until you wake up, rather than being woke up by an alarm clock. Josh had the day off so we really just hung out all day. The plan was to clean up the house and start getting the babies room cleaned up but it didn't happen. These days that we both have off are so few and far between that cleaning is just the last thing we want to do even though we talk about it all week. Josh likes to say we still have almost 6 months to get it done, and my response is, yeah but that's going to fly by... Oh well it will get done. It was nice just to relax yesterday together.

We watched the UofL game and they won!!! Then I took a nap for like 2 hours!!! I expected a short, 30 minute nap, but I was out. It was good though, because then we got ready and headed to a guy's house that I work with. We were invited to go watch the Ultimate Fighting Championships with him and his wife. We had a really good time. We had never hung out with them before. Josh has met Skates a few times when he came into work, and Skates and I have been good friends on the job since he started last year. There's always something nerve racking about going to hang out with people you don't know very well. But it was such great fun and very comfortable.

There's nothing like just enjoying an evening hanging out with friends and getting to know them better. His wife, Claudette is awesome. And I have to mention that their 2 month old baby is so cute!!! She was so much fun to and just holding her, makes me get even more excited what is to come for us!!! The Fighting on t.v. wasn't to bad either. Those guys are crazy on that show.

So now it's Sunday morning, and I'm feeling very relaxed and enjoying my morning. Josh is at work :( I have the best intentions to do my lesson plans and get caught up with some paper grading (we'll see if that happens). Then I'm going to go have lunch at Skyline to visit my friend. Then I'm going SHOPPING!!!!!!! I have to go shopping. I've got to get some maternity clothes. A lot of my pants are still fitting fine. It's more my shirts that I have an issue with. I still feel like I'm at the point it just looks like I'm getting fatter and fatter for no reason. All my shirts are hugging me and showing that bulge. I do need to get some pants too. I was wearing a pair of really loose pants Friday at work and I just felt a lot of pressure like the babies were pushing on my stomach all day. Some people told me the elastic in the maternity pants will help with that feeling, so I guess it's time!

Then we're going to dinner with the family for my awesome baby brother's birthday! He'll be 25 tomorrow. So that will be lots of fun to see the whole family and spend some time with them. We're going to Golden Corral, and there's always lots and lots of good food!

So it has been a wonderful, relaxing weekend so far, and today will be just as good. I hope you all have relaxed and enjoyed the weekend as well. Have a great Sunday!!!!!!!!!

Thursday, February 19, 2009

A bad day... make that week

So as if it wasn't bad enough that we had conferences Monday and Tuesday and I had to stay at work until 7 both of those nights, even though all the conferences I had scheduled were over at 5:20 both days... Two of my students have decided to become just plain out bad. I mean seriously what is wrong with these kids?

One tells me to shut up and that he doesn't have to listen to me and that he is going to have his daddy come and "get me", and the other one just is down right defiant, doing the opposite of everything I ask the class to do. This doesn't just happen for short periods of the day. It has been every minute of every day for this whole week. And of course these are the two parents that don't come in for conferences. Sure I talked to them on the phone but that doesn't really get the point across. And both parents told me the same thing "that's how they act at home, I know what you mean, I have to deal with it all evening" What the hell kind of BS is that????

One student actually got physical, pushing another down, on Tuesday. So what else can I do but to pull this child away from the other. And I am really in no condition to do that. This child is in third grade, but he is as big as me, No lie, as tall as me, and I was barely capable of getting him under control before I was pregnant and now I should not be doing it, and will not ever again. But then what do I do when he goes towards another student? I mean he is so much bigger than any of my other students and could do some damage if he ever wanted to.

So what do I do? Send him to the office everyday with a referral, done it, he just comes back whether it's 10 minutes or 3 hours later and starts it again. Call his parents, well you saw what she says, and that's when the phone is even in service, which it's only been once this year.

I'm just really feeling stressed out today about my job. Another teacher asked me if I was going to try and switch classes next year to keep me from stressing so much, and I am like, next year it won't be that big of a deal, now is the time that it can really effect me and my babies. And I swear if something happens to my babies because of this stress and these brats I don't know what I would do.

I had a break down after work in the office today. My first of the year. I am a very emotional person and in previous years I've had more breakdowns, so I don't think people have realized how bad these boys are since I haven't been very verbal about it. I've been home for about 45 minutes and am still just so upset.

I guess I just have to start going to my principal and the counselor everyday about it. I just don't want to be "that teacher" who can't control her students. The sad thing is the other 6 are so awesome. They are just the sweetest boys in the world. So it's really not fair for them to have to deal with either. I actually had one of the boys at the end of the day say, why do they have to do this every day Mrs. M? I could only answer that I didn't know either, and then apologized to the others for their behavior.

Here's the thing. I am a "TEACHER" I am not a psychologist, therapist, counselor, behavior specialist, or mother. I do not have the training to deal with students that have the issues these two kids have. I have tried to play all these roles. I have tried to talk to them about what's bothering them. They won't talk. I have tried to be nice and talk with them privately about their behavior, 10 minutes later they are back at it again. I have tried to yell at them, that only makes it worse. I have made contracts with them, taken away privileges, made them sit in the office during parties, and it doesn't effect them. I have even tried to be a caring mom-like figure. Surrounding them with hugs and love and this doesn't do the trick either. So I'm out of things. I'm done with it. My patience is gone. I've even told Josh twice this week that I really hate my job.

Do I really hate my job? NOT AT ALL. I love teaching, more than I thought I ever would even though this is what I wanted to do all my life. And I love the special needs students I work with. It is so awesome when I get to watch them finally get a concept and really see that they understand how it works after working for days on the same thing. It is a great feeling that I can't even explain. And those 6 I mentioned are so sweet, kind, caring, loving and funny. So much so that I don't even want to leave Learning disabled self-contained class because these are my boys. They are part of my life. Even the two that I am having such a hard time with I love with all my heart and want so badly to get them to see what they need to change.

So what do I hate? Why have I made that statement to Josh twice in one week? I hate being a babysitter, I hate being a person who doesn't get to teach more than 3 minutes at a time before I have to stop to correct a behavior or deal with an argument. I hate not having support from the parents whose kids these are. And I hate that because of what these kids are going through in their lives at home are why they are the way they are. I hate that there are six kids not getting the teaching and care that they should get and that they have to deal with it too. I hate that I feel like I am a horrible teacher, that two kids out of 6 make me question myself and what I am doing and if I should even be a teacher.

I know it can only get better, but I feel like crap today. I am sorry to go on and on, but just really needed to get this off my chest, so thanks to everyone who reads it.

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Valentine's Day and a little more

Valentine's Day has fallen on the weekdays for several years now, so Josh and I normally don't do to much. We'll get each other a little something, and have a nice dinner at home. I'm not going out and waiting forever in a line!!! So, when we realized it fell on Saturday this year, we were excited because that meant we would be able to spend the whole day together since that is Josh's day off, usually. But as our luck would have it, since he was off on Tuesday for doctor's appointment, he got the joy of working yesterday. And when he works Saturdays he works late, like anywhere from 7 to 11.

So instead, I got up and cleaned up the mess that is our house a bit, and my sis Jen came over. Our plan was to start organizing the spare room, but not much got done!!! We instead watched VH1 and MTV reality shows and went to lunch at Buckheads!!! It was a very nice afternoon hanging out with Jen. It's been a while since we've gotten to hang out with work and ice storms and all. It was a fun and relaxing afternoon with my best friend!

After she left, I took a short nap and then headed off to find Josh's Valentine's gift. When I got home Josh said he would be home around 10, so I just watched some more Reality Shows!!! I told you all, I'm very addicted!!

Josh finally got home and we celebrated our Valentine's day! I have to say, I was very much surprised and spoiled by the best husband in the world!!! Check out what I got!!!

When Josh asked what I would like, I told him a watch. He did an awesome job!

These were a complete surprise. They are so pretty, Couldn't get a picture that did them justice! When I told him he didn't have to do that, he just said his wife deserves a nice pair of diamond earrings. How lucky am I!!!!

I can't say Josh was disappointed either...

He got his I-pod touch! The day after Christmas he told me he wanted one of these and should have asked for one, so it was easy to come up with what to get him this year!

After we exchanged our gifts, we had a lovely dinner of White Castle's. Seriously it was really good. I love their Chicken sandwiches and their fries are my favorite!!! Then we just sat back and enjoyed what was left of the night!

It was a great day. And I hope everyone enjoyed their Valentine's day as well. Now on to today and work, work, work. I have to prepare for parent-teacher conferences which are Monday and Tuesday afternoon. Since our conference day was used as a make-up day, we have to stay both Monday and Tuesday this week until 7:30 if we want to get paid. That's fine, I'll do it, but with only 8 students,(only 6 conferences schedueled) it's going to drag on. So that's what I'm off to do now, prepare for the conferences, the thing I most dread about being a teacher, and for the week.

Hope everyone has a wonderful week!!!

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

12 and 1/2 weeks and a doctor's appointment

So as you all know from my last post, Josh and I went to the doctor's this morning for the 3 month check-up. As I keep myself informed through my book and pregnancy websites, I was expecting more blood work, urine sample, and to get to hear the heartbeat.

Well to my excitement, there was no blood work, well not until the doctor realized that one of the things I wanted to be tested for had not been tested yet... but that's ok. I'm used to the needles by now and the lab tech is awesome. She is so nice and I honestly don't even realize when the needle goes in.

Then on to check my weight and the other regularities. We got back really quick, so quick that Josh wasn't in from parking the car before I got called back. So after weight check and all that good stuff I went to get him and on to waiting for the Doc. It was honestly a short wait. Asked if we had any questions. Just about my headaches. His answer was to have a coke if it helps. Then about attending a friend's wedding in Boston at the beginning of July. I honestly thought he would say we'll wait and see, but to my surprise it was a very quick I don't recommend it. You will just be to far along, and blood clots will be likely whether you drive or fly.
My blood work looks good, weight gain is great, blood pressure great!!! What great news!!!

Then came time to get to hear the heartbeat. I was so excited and nervous, and Josh was leaning in just waiting to hear our baby. Doc tried for several minutes with no luck. He said that the baby was probably hiding behind the pelvic bone and so we couldn't hear it. He went on to say that everything was probably fine, but just to be on the safe side he was going to let us get an ultra sound today to keep our minds at ease. He said 100% knowing is better than 80% knowing that the baby is good. So I was pretty excited for that. We went back to the waiting room, and waited for what seemed like ever. And with every passing second I got more anxious, more worried that something was wrong with my baby. Josh too was getting pretty restless.

Finally after about 20-30 minutes waiting we were called back. She puts the gel on (not cold at all like you always here, actually they must have a warming machine, cause it was kind of hot!!!) and she put the wand down. I'd say within about 10 seconds, Josh kind of jerked and said... "Did I.. Do I see..." and the tech goes,

"Yes, you saw right... There's twins!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" Well It was the most awesome thing I have ever heard in my life. Josh was just getting closer and closer to the screen, just giddy and giggly. I was crying at this point of course. Of 100% pure joy! And then Josh did too!!! It was so awesome. I'm at this point just amazed, in awe, and just excited. We look at the babies on the screen, and they are just kicking those legs and punching those arms. Then she let us hear the heartbeats. Ok, so this was the MOST AWESOME thing I have ever heard in my life. Both of them, loud, and perfect. The tech said they are great size, and the way they are moving around is awesome!!!! So how about that!!! AWESOME, GREAT, AMAZING NEWS!!!!! I can't really believe it, but we are so excited and can not wait for our babies to be here. Here are there first photos:

Here's one of our precious babies:

And our other precious baby:

And our precious babies first photo together:

On the left you can see the baby lying on their back, on the right you can see their spine!!!

So again, we are just feeling great, blessed and excited for what is in store for us!!! Have a great day!!!

Sunday, February 8, 2009

12 weeks.. Already!!!

Wow, how time has flown by. I honestly can not believe I am already twelve weeks into our pregnancy. Finding out so early (at 2 weeks) I figured time would seem to stand still. But it's actually flown by. I am cherishing each and every moment of it too! I am so excited, and hope that everything continues to flow as smoothly as it has up to now. I can not wait for our little baby to be here in our arms. This is my dream come true. and It is better than I could have imagined.

We go to the doctor's on Tuesday and should get to hear the heartbeat if everything works out. I just get teary eyed thinking about that moment when we hear our baby for the first time. So I can only imagine what it will be like when it actually happens!!!! Maybe I'll take along the camera and if it's allowed at the doctor's office take some pics and have Josh take some pics as well. That would be fun to get that moment, our reactions on camera. We'll have to see if we are able to do that though.

Other things going on as of now: Still having headaches, but I think it has more to do with trying to cut out caffeine completely. If I have a coke before the headache gets to bad then it will subside. Since my doctor told me at the last visit it was ok to have 1 or 2 glasses a day then I think I will do this. It's just at work, when the headaches get bad, it's so hard to keep up the teaching like I can. But on the other side, I know if I just went for 2 or 3 days without any caffeine the headaches would stop and that would be the best choice. So I'm still trying to decide what to do. I believe that this will be a question for my doctor on Tuesday.

Something else that happened, that was actually quite exciting, and I never would have thought that I would be happy about this. I put on a pair of pants Friday that I had wore a couple of weeks ago. Back then they fit fine, but on Friday yeah they buttoned and zipped up, but it was not a pretty sight!!!! It was like my belly just expanded over night. All week the rest of my pants had been fine, no problems. Sure a bit snugger than they had been, but still wearable. So having wore my other nice pants and them being in the laundry I got a pair of pants out of the closet that I haven't wore since last school year because they were just too big. And they fit very nicely. It gave me that feeling that a baby is actually growing inside me!! It really was an amazing feeling. Sure I know, and I've been excited, but this is just another one of those moments that it hit me big time!!!!!

So all is well here! Just full of excitement, awe and happiness. I really can not wait until Tuesday! I will post again soon. Have a wonderful Sunday, and a great week!

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Back to work

So I went back to work today... All I can say is it was work, and I wish that another random snowfall would make through our city again!! It wasn't a bad day, it's just I'm realizing I could really do the whole stay at home thing. While I slept so much last week, I also got so much done around the house, well minus the spare room!!!! It did snow some this morning and it was actually flurrying on my way home from work, but nothing substantial enough to get us out of work again.

On to better news. As you all know by now, STEELERS are the SUPERBOWL CHAMPIONS!!!! I didn't do any pictures because I really just wanted to watch the game seriously so no pics today. If you didn't watch the game it was really the best superbowl game I've ever watched. I haven't been that into football for very long. Since I've known Josh I've turned into a big fan. i really do enjoy the games. We had a really good night. I made tacos and my mom's famous cheese dip for dinner and everything was delicious. The game was a good one, but very stressful towards the end. Ben, the Steelers Quarterback, has come back in the closing play quite a few times this season, so I knew we had a chance even when Arizona scored the touchdown with only 2 minutes left in the game that gave them the lead. I stayed calm, but Josh was having a fit. I said a little prayer to myself that they win because I so did not want to hear Josh for the next week cry!!! So they ended up winning and all is good, or was good until last night...

UofL played UCONN in basketball, and their 9 game winning streak was ended. It was a bad game. UofL did not look like themselves the whole game. I became very upset and stressed that I told Josh to turn the game off that I couldn't deal with it. I did this about 5 times throughout the second half, and then after I calmed down would have him turn the game back on, but they would make another dumb turnover so the tv would be turned over. As I look back now, at least they lost to the #1 ranked team and not a nobody! But I was pretty frustrated the rest of the night, see my post from last night!!!!!!! Everything that had been bothering me came out and Josh got the brunt of it. He does do a good job ignoring though, he just turns on his game and tells me ok... He did apologize as I was going to bed though, and said that the next day we are off together we will start going through all the junk. So maybe we will!!!

That's about it here. I'm pretty sleepy from no nap(s) today, but am doing ok! We are going to dinner with our friend Shannon tonight so that will be fun! And I guess I need to go get ready for that! Hope everyone is having a great week!!!

Monday, February 2, 2009

Do all Men....

Do all men have to keep everything they have ever owned in their entire life????? This is what I am wondering tonight. Because Josh will not get rid of ANYTHING!!! Our house is way to small for all the stuff he hordes and keeps.

At the moment it is clothes. He has a closet full of clothes, plus like 10 drawers full. It came upon me this evening when we were putting all the clothes away that I washed on Sunday. After getting everything put away of mine, plus the towels and everything else, he was still in our spare room, shoving all his crap into drawers. Then he looks at me and asks if it's ok if he just leaves the rest of his stuff in the basket because he just doesn't have room to fit anything else. I told him it was fine but that we had to go through our clothes and get rid of stuff here soon. Yes, I need to get rid of stuff too, but I have a Closet rack(you know one of those racks you buy, sitting in the spare room, and one dresser of 4 drawers full of clothes. He tells me that he doesn't have anything to get rid of because he wears all of his clothes. My arugument is that if he wore everything his drawers would not be full after I washed all the clothes that were dirty in our house. Then he told me he wasn't listening to this and started playing his x-box game. GRRRRRRRR...

But it doesn't stop with the clothes. It's everything. From the plastic that his X-box points (which is just on a little card) to any kind of box to like 2 play stations and 2 playstation 2's that we don't even play anymore... Plus he has like 4 or 4 bags of old mail. Just old bank statements and different stuff like that. He will not get rid of anything.

In the mean time, I'm thinking how are we going to make our spare room into a nursery when we have so much crap that someone is not willing to get rid of??? I mean the spare room is full of just stuff we have gotten in the 3 years we have lived here. There is no where else to put it. The shed is full of old stuff, mostly broken, i.e. two old computer monitors, a broken bookshelf, and boxes, just tons and tons of boxes. We seriously have to do a huge cleaning out of the junk we have and I just don't know how to get him to do this. I told him tonight that we had to because we have to have a baby's room. He just says I know and continues playing his little game. I just don't know how to go about it anymore. I mean I have been on him for probably 4 years to get rid of this stuff, but now it seriously has to go.

Please help me. Just a note to let me know that my husband is not the only one that keeps each and every little thing he ever gets, or some suggestions on how to go about getting him to let go of this stuff (not everything just enough to give us room)or how to organize it so that we have the room we are going to need for little precious when they get here. And it needs to be done soon, because our baby is going to be here before we know it! PLEASE HELP ME!!!!!

Sunday, February 1, 2009

It's the Big Day!!!

So it's Superbowl Sunday!!!!

I'm just waiting for Josh to get home from work and for the game to start!!! I'm feeling pretty nervous... But Deep down inside I know the Steelers are going to pull it out!!! I'll have a post tomorrow to show everyone our game night. We are just going to chill at home and watch the game. Just Josh and I. We kind of decided that at home we can be as loud as we want to and scream profanities if we need to!!!! And also jump around like idiots when our boys win!!! So I'm going to start dinner here in an hour or so, and get everything ready so Josh can come home and just have a seat and enjoy the game!

Things in the city are getting back to normal finally after the big ice storm. Still 1000's of people without electricity. My parents still are without, but when I stopped by to pick up some clothes they weren't home so I'm sure they are keeping warm somewhere. My morning has been full of laundry. Our dryer went out a couple of weeks ago, so we were pretty behind. I went to my parents last weekend to do some but got a total of like 2 loads done. Why are dryers so freaking slow? You would think by now with all the technology we have our dryers could be just as quick as washers. Oh well, it is now finished, but still in my car. I think I may have overdone the lifting and stuff getting the baskets to the car, out of the car and back into the car. Plus while everything is melting, there are still slick spots from the snow and ice and our front yard would be one of those. So my wonderful husband told me not to get them out of the car, and that he would actually help me put everything away when he got home!!! I don't think it will happen when he gets home, but maybe after the game if all goes well!!!

Today was the first day I actually ventured out on my own since last Monday, and really the first time I had been out at all since Wednesday. So it was nice to get some fresh air and out of the house for a bit. Plus laudromats are always fun to people watch at. So many interesting characters!!! I took a book to read, but I read maybe one page, to hard to concentrate. plus the place was packed. I guess due to people not having electricity.

Our county is still awaiting a decision if we return to school tomorrow. Last I heard is there are about 13 schools still with no electricity, lots of power lines still down which pose a threat to children of course, and lots of families not at their houses due to no electricity and no way to get them to the school if they can't catch the bus. The board is meeting with the city around 4, so I will know soon enough if we are back to work or not. Honestly, I know it sounds horrible, but I could use another day!!!! Maybe try to get through the day or at least until 4 before I take a nap!

University of Louisville is still going strong!!! They are currently ranked 7th, and beat Syracuse (they were ranked somewhere close to us, don't remember if it was above or below us) Monday, and last night they beat West Virgina. That makes 9 straight wins!!! Tomorrow is another HUGE game. We play UCONN, expected to be #1. They are currently #3, but Duke lost as did Wake Forest this week. It will be another great game for sure whatever the outcome!!!

Well I guess that's it. Have a great Sunday and GO STEELERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!