Saturday, October 17, 2009

It's been a while...

I can't believe I haven't posted for 2 weeks. I knew I would be busy getting back to work and then coming home to the girls, but I really never imagined how busy!!!

I am doing ok being back at work. It really helps that I was able to switch classes. I don't know if I would have made it with my class from last year. They are giving the guy a hell of a time. One ran away from him at the park the other day, one keeps licking him as he has been acting like a dog a lot again, and the other is just his old self with his bad attitude. I'm not saying that I don't miss those boys, I do, I just don't think I could have gone back to working in that kind of classroom. Once again I have to say that I have the best boss ever.

My class is awesome. I am teaching physically disabled students. They are the sweetest kids ever. They work and try so hard. And are always just so happy. It is stressful though, but in a different way. I have 2 students who have frequent seizures. One of them had one on Monday while sitting on the floor listening to a story and fell and bumped his head hard. He had a knot. Then on Friday he had another one and he fell out of his chair and hit the back of his head. No knot that time. The other child has several a day. Anywhere between 5 and 15 a day. Poor guy. Mom doesn't think it's anything to worry about, because she says that he never has them like that at home. It's so sad, she has even led me to believe she thinks he is faking them to get out of stuff. That's crazy. One, would you want to fall out of your chair or fall down when standing up 15 times a day on purpose. Second, once they are over he goes right back to work and completes everything. But like I said they are very sweet kids and always concerned for one another and doing anything they can do to help. The older students even get the younger ones out of the area for us and will start some kind of activity like a game or telling them a story. It's amazing the things adults can learn from kids!!!

The girls are doing great with my sisters. They seem to enjoy themselves throughout the day, and then sleep all evening when I get them home. That is really the worst part. I am ok during the day cause I'm so busy, but those nights that they end up sleeping when I get home with them makes me cry cause I feel as though I'm not spending enough time with them. But they are so sweet. Most mornings I either have to wake them up to feed them or when I go in their room they are just laying in there checking things out. They are of course, smiling like crazy. They are just so fun! I believe there will be giggles very soon in our household, Jozie is getting really really close to getting it to come out!

Jozie and Kealie will be 3 months old on Wednesday. I can't believe it!! Where did the time go? They are a quarter of a year old!!! Time is flying by and I really really need it to slow down just a bit. I'm enjoying my baby girls way too much for it all to go so fast.

With getting back to work, we have really just been hanging out around home in the evenings. We did however make it to Huber's, a pumpkin patch, last Saturday. We had a great time, until that evening, when Jozie seemed to be having trouble breathing. To make a long story short, We took her to the emergency room, and waited for 5 hours to be told that our baby was probably in breathing distress at the time, but she was breathing fine then and that we could leave now. All I'm going to say is that I will not be returning to that hospital's emergency room, but it's a long story and I may have to share it with you in another post at another time.

That's really about all for now. Getting excited for Halloween, although we really don't have any plans as of right now, and still don't have costumes for the girls. We've got several ideas in mind, it's just about getting to the store and seeing what they have at this point.
Of course I was going to leave you all with some pictures, but there keeps being errors in the downloading process, so I will get them posted next time. Have a great week!!!