Friday, October 2, 2009

A whole weeks worth (warning: It's a long one!!)

Wow, I just don't know how this week got away from me... It went by so fast, which makes me very very very sad, because I have to go back to work on Monday :( Let's just say I've cried at least once every day this week thinking about Monday morning. I so do not want to go. I wish there was a way for me to get to stay home with Jozie and Kealie everyday. Every time I think about it I just get a lump in my throat. The only thing that makes it a bit, no a speck, easier is that my sisters will be watching them throughout the week, so I don't have to leave them at a daycare with people I don't know!

I'm sure this is going to be a long post but when do I do a short post??? :)

Last Friday was the girls 2 month check up... Can you believe they are already 2 months? I can't believe it. The girls are doing great, Doc said they look great. Jozie is up to 10 lbs 13 ozs (25-50%), and Kealie is 8 lbs 10 ozs (5-10%). Meaning that they have both doubled in size since they were born. Jozie is now 20 and 1/2 inches(3%) and Kealie is 20 inches long(below 3%). The one thing we are working on is getting the girls to look and lay on their left side of their head. They both have a tendency to lay on their right side. While both have started doing better on their own moving their heads to the other side, we are still having to work it for them. Sometimes this consists of just turning their heads and holding it with our hand, and other times when they are sitting or laying down, we put a blanket rolled up so that they have to lay on that side. If it doesn't get better in a month I am to have the girls see doc again and we will start thinking about physical therapy. But the girls have made progress in that from 1-2 months and I've already seen them doing better turning their heads to that side on their own over the past week, so we will just have to watch and see how it goes!

Friday night, my mom took me shopping for some new pants for work!!! THANKS MOM!!! It was fun. My dad, and sister Erika and her family came along too. We had a good evening at the mall!!!

Saturday we headed out to a cabin with Josh's parents and his sister and her family. I have to admit I wasn't feeling very up to it. It had rained the whole week before and they were calling for lots of rain that Saturday. But we got packed up and headed out. AND it didn't rain at all until about 9:30 that night. That was a bit of a bummer though cause there no smore's:( or campfire. But it was beautiful again Sunday. So it turned out to be a great weekend. And the cabin we stayed in was BEAUTIFUL!! Oh and Jozie and Kealie started smiling at me!!! It was so great and such an awesome feeling. And they haven't stopped since!!! It makes my heart melt everytime I see those smiles!!! It's the greatest feeling.

Sunday when we got home, the Steeler's lost their second game in a row. This time they lost to the Bengals... It was not cool. Our boys need to get it together and fast, they are now 1-2 for the season. And then the Amazing Race came on!!! I'm so glad it's back already. I love that show, I want to be on that show so bad!!! How awesome would it be to get to go on a trip around the world and have a chance to win a million dollars??? One of these days!!!

The rest of the week the girls and me just hung out at the house. I just really wanted to enjoy my time with the girls and at home. And I have to say I did, I always enjoy being at home with them. I never want it to end. I'm just so so sad about it. Ok, I know I've already said that, but I can't help it.

On Tuesday night I got a call from my boss, the principal. Well let me give you a quick catch up for those of you who are new to my blog...
I am the Learning Disabled Self Contained teacher at my school. This is my sixth year teaching and I have been teaching in the same class since I started. The first several years were good. I actually had students with learning disabilities. Maybe one a year that had some behavioral issues as well. Well as time has gone by, it seems as though my class is becoming a behavioral disorder classroom instead. Last year out of the 8 boys I had, three of them were behavior issues, but had never been labeled that. Anyway, after 5 years and the year I had last year, I had talked with my boss, saying that I think it was time for me to move to a resource position. She whole heartedly agreed that this would be best for me as I would now have two babies to go home to and the stress that she knew I would bring home wouldn't be fair to me or my family. With both of our resource teachers putting in for transfers we figured that it was a done deal.

Well come to find out neither of the resource teachers got their transfers so I would be returning from my maternity leave to the self-contained room. I finally made peace with this idea, and had been working on getting ready to return to my classroom. SO far this year, one of the students has been suspended for peeing on someone, one was in a hospital for throwing a knife at his mother, and another was suspended for throwing something at and spitting on the counselor. In other words, I would be walking into the same type of classroom if not worse than I was in last year.

So back to the phone call from my boss. She said she had a suggestion for me to think about. The suggestion was to move me to the PDOHI (physically disabled other health imparied) classroom. She said she just knows what it is like to be a new mom of one child and wanting to be able to come home from work and leave the work behind. She said she could only imagine having two babies and doing the same. She said she just knows how physically, mentally and emotionally drained that the ld class can and has made me over the past several years. And that it wouldn't be fair to me, Josh or my babies to have me in that classroom. She told me to think about it for a day or two and discuss it with Josh and let her know by Thursday. After talking to Josh about it, I knew it was the best thing for me and our family. Josh agreed, I think he agreed with Pennix before I did. He has been the one that sees me after a days work. The only thing that I was having a hard time is those other students in the class whom I absolutely love. But after thinking about it I have decided to move to the PDOHI room. The teacher from that room will be moving to mine. It is a male, which I also believe will help the boys in my class. This will give them a positive male role model that so many of them don't have at home.

So I will be going into a whole new class upon my return. Luckily Monday is a Gold day, where we do pd and meetings all day and kids are not there, and Tuesday is parent/teacher conferences which will give me an opportunity to meet the parents of these students. I know most of the kids fairly well already from previous years and working close with the other self-contained classrooms. It's nice to have a chance to go in and get things ready and talk to my 3 assistants and the teacher I am switching with to share notes and get things organized before the kids are there.

Tuesday night we also transitioned the girls from the pack-n-play in our room to their own cribs in their room to see how they would do with the different sleeping arrangments and get them used to it before I had to go back to work in case they had any problems. Jozie and Kealie have been sleeping through the night for about 3 weeks now, and the change did not change that. They have done excellent in their beds all week long!!!

Last night, Thursday Tyler had a cross country meet. So I got the girls all bundled up (it's been chilly here this week) in their sweatsuits
and went and had lunch with Jen and back to her house to hang out. I'm going to miss our weekly (or sometimes more) afternoons together as well! We then headed to the cross country meet where Tyler came in 6th!!!!! I'm so proud of that boy!!! Then we went and had dinner at Applebee's. Then I headed home and watched Project Runway and went to bed. The girls seemed to love being outdoors. Kealie especially was just wide awake and enjoying the breeze!

That's it for now, I know so long, I've got to start posting more often so they aren't so long. But you know, I'm just loving being a momma!!! And I'd rather be playing and cuddling with the girls!!!