Tuesday, February 16, 2010

A quick post

Hi everyone!! It's been a while. I'm at home enjoying our 5th snow day of the year... I love being home with the girls, but seriously I want a summer vacation!!!! Things are good here. Just wanted to post with the latest. Don't have many pictures cause I can't get them downloaded onto the computer cause I don't have any of the wires/cables to fit the AWESOME camera my mom gave me after mine was stolen. Hopefully we'll fine some that will fit soon.

The girls went to their 6 month well check last Friday. They are a little behind since they'll be 7 months on Sunday, due to the ear infections they had right before their 4 month check up. The girls are growing like crazy. Jozie weighs 16'8 and Kealie is catching up to her big sis at 15'1. It's the closest they've been in weight since they were born. Jozie is 26 inches and Kealie is 25 and 1/2. Everything is looking great developmentally. They are hitting all their milestones right on target. Kealie had a cough and some wheezing so the doc checked her for RSV and that came back negative so he gave her a breathing treatment. That helped a lot with the wheezing, so we are now giving her breathing treatments at home 4 times a day. I'll tell you, sometimes that girl goes with the flow and other times it's like she's going through a torture chamber. I feel so bad when she does that. But they seem to be working really well, so that is a good thing.
I have to take Kealie back on Monday for the doc to check how she sounds and also to get her shots. Jozie got hers and she did fine with it.

I really believe that these girls are going to be crawling any day. They are getting so close. And they can get anywhere they want to be by scooting and rocking and all that stuff. It's crazy these girls are already old enough to be crawling. Seems like yesterday we were bringing them home as tiny as could be.

Other than that not much is going on. Just been enjoying the days off of work. Josh was off Saturday so we took the girls to my parents house and headed out for a "Date." I had gotten Josh a gift certificate for a tattoo for Christmas because he had mentioned he wanted one. So we headed to Tattoo Charlie's and then went and had a nice dinner at Tumbleweed!!! It was very nice to get out for a while together. I hope everyone enjoyed their Valentine's Day.

Here is a pic of what Josh's tattoo is. It's pretty awesome and makes me want to get one for the girls... Only problem is I got the tattoo I have about 10 years ago and still remember the pain, and just thinking about it makes me cringe... There is the problem that I don't know where I would get it either, but I'll be thinking about it... Anyway, the tattoo: