Thursday, March 11, 2010

Crazy how fast they are growing up!!!

I know I say this everytime I post, but I just can't believe my girls will be 8 months old in 1 week and 2 days!!! It just seems impossible that it has been that long!!!

Anyway, just wanted to post with a few updates!!
- Kealie has been taken down to one breathing treatment a day!!! Actually she has been since a week after the doc put her on it four times a day. She sounded great when we went back, so he said we could choose to continue giving it once a day or not at all. He said it's been proven that babies with wheezing and coughing that are given the treatments once a day for 6 months to a year, have fewer asthma effects later in life. Well, we decided to see what happened when we took her off of it completely, and the cough was back in 3 days. So we went back to once a day and she is doing GREAT!!!!!

- Jozie loves laying on top of her sister. They had been sleeping in our room in the pack-n-play since our house got broken into. We decided it was time to get them back in their seperate cribs again when one night Kealie started crying and when I got up to check on her, Jozie was on top of her, ASLEEP!!!!! They've gone back to their cribs with no problems. But Jozie still finds time to lay on top, and crawl/scoot over her sister thoughout the day!!!

- Jozie actually stood up on her own Saturday morning. It was so unexpected! The girls had woken up, and I went in to say good morning. I was talking to Kealie, and Jozie hollered out. It was a nice yell, like hey mom look at me!!! When I turned around, she put one arm up on the rail and pulled herself up to her knees. I, shocked and amazed that my little baby was able to do this, ran and woke Josh up to get in and see her on her knees. When I went back in the room, she grabbed the rail with her other hand and pulled up to her feet!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It was just out of nowhere!! But I'm so glad that both Josh and I were home and here to experience and see her do it!!!

- Jozie has not yet "officially" crawled, but she sure has one mean army crawl and she's FAST!!!!!!!!!

- Kealie is officially crawling!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! She had been scooting all over the place for a while now. But earlier this week, she took her first real crawl and hasn't stopped. It's the cutest thing ever. Before she takes off, we like to say she is "starting her engine" because she shakes her little butt and then goes for it!!!

- Kealie it really trying to figure out how to stand up. But she's not trying to grab on to anything. She just pushes up on her arms and feet and stays there, making an arc with her body. She will then pick one hand up off the ground and think about it, and then go back to her stomach, think and try again!! One of these days, she's just going to stand up all on her own :)

- While both girls can sit on their own, it's not very often it happens. And they are no where near a place where I would just let them sit without me or someone else right next to them. Most of the time though, when we try to sit them on the floor, they will stretch out and tense their body up so that it's impossible to get them in the sitting position!!!

- They are doing great with their eating. Kealie loves her veggies, fruits and cereal. And she is so very neat about it. Jozie doesn't mind the food, she just isn't as into it as Kealie is, and this girl can make a mess!!! We've given them some cheerios here and there, and potatos, and other things of that nature, but nothing to big on the "real" foods yet. I don't know why, I'm just kind of nervous about all that.

- No teeth yet either, but their hair is actually beginning to come in nicely!!!!

I guess that's all the updates I can think of right now. I know there is so much more, but I really have to go get some work done for tomorrow!!! I hope everyone is well!!!


Sara said...

Oh, they are so sweet! I love the pic of her sleeping on top of her sister. It brought tears to my eyes!

They are growing so fast! I can't believe Jozie is pulling to stand! Good golly!

See you soon at work. :)