Monday, September 21, 2009

Wonderful Weekend!!

Well we had a great week last week. We pretty much just hung around home and played!! Wednesday we did get out and go have lunch at the mall with AJ. Me and the girls met her there. We had not used the stroller yet and Josh put it together and figured out how everything worked. I'm not sure if he told me how to use it and I just wasn't really paying attention to him or not. But I got the huge thing in the back of the truck and then realized I wasn't even sure how it opened up or closed or the seats snapped in. But instead of pulling it out of the truck I decided I would just figure it out when I got to the mall. I gave Jen a call to let her know we were on her way and she may get a call to come out and help me figure out the stroller.

We made it to the mall and getting it opened was easy. I made in the mall with both girls all by myself. I have to say I was one proud momma!!! We had lunch and then were off to our next destination. Jen came out to give me a hand getting the girls back in the jeep and it's a good thing, cause I had NO idea how to close the stroller back up. So, Jen and I stood there for a couple minutes just staring at it, pulling on parts of it every once in a while and it wouldn't budge. So I gave in and called Josh at work. He laughed and laughed and laughed at us. Actually he was still laughing when he got home saying he could just picture us out in the mall parking lot trying to figure it out! But once he explained it to me we got it packed back in the car. We met at Garden Ridge and I made it there before jen and I got the stroller out again all by myself and the girls all strapped in and inside before she arrived. After we left there, I decided to visit work and see how my boys were doing. And this time I got them into the stroller and back in when we left and folded it up all by myself!!! I'm a pro now!!! The stoller is great. While it's a bit heavy to put in the truck, it works great. It really is huge, but it's not hard to deal with once you figure it out, and it drives great. I'll have to get a picture of it to post on here. It really is great to have!!!!! Thanks Richard and Charlotte!!!!

The rest of the week was just kind of lazy. And then Saturday daddy took his 3 girls to the mall and we actually went shopping!!! I got some new shirts which I really needed. I got a few other things too! It was a great trip. The girls did great. Actually Jozie slept the WHOLE time at the mall. Kealie was awake the whole time, but she was very content. We might just have a little shopper on our hands already!!

Sunday dad had to work, so the girls and me were heading to "Walk to Remember" my nephew and their cousin, Owen John. When I woke up it was pouring outside. But we waited it out hoping that the skies would clear so we could join my sister at the walk. It didn't :( It looked like it was going to about an hour and half before the walk started so i gave it a couple minutes to see and it started thundering right as I was thinking maybe we could make it. It's a good thing too, cause they said right as they announced for the walk to begin it started pouring again. I'm sad that we had to miss it. But we went to my parents after they all got back and me and the girls hung out with the family all night. We had a great visit!!!

We are getting ready for another fun evening. Not only is it the girls 2 month birthday today, but it is also one of my best friends 30th birthday. We are driving up to Lexington to enjoy her birthday dinner. I am so excited to get to see her and my other friends up there. I think they all just need to move to Louisville. I've been trying to get them to move for about 8 years now and it hasn't happened yet. I don't think it's going to :( But at least it's only an hour drive, it could be worse I suppose...

The rest of the week is pretty much open. SO don't know what we will be getting ourselves into yet. Friday is 2-month checkup. I can't wait to see how much the girls are weighing now and how much they've grown (height wise).

Well that's about all for now. Will try and post tomorrow or later this week about our birthday celebration!
Just a comparison of the girls at a little over 1 month and now at 2 months... It's not a great comparison... They are on opposite sides in the pictures and this picture I really don't see a huge size difference, unlike some of the others that we have taken. But it's the only two i have of them in the bassinet together...


Jen said...

Cute onsies for the walk!

I had fun at the mall too! I love it when you call me AJ!